Israel allegedly strikes Hezbollah in Qalamoun

Israel allegedly strikes Hezbollah in Qalamoun

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Source: NOW. – by Albin Szakola (Israel allegedly strikes Hezbollah in Qalamoun)

Syrian activist outlets said that Hezbollah positions were bombed late Sunday.

Israel has allegedly conducted air strikes against Hezbollah targets in Syria’s mountainous Qalamoun, with a Lebanese outlet reporting mystery blasts in the remote border region.

Syrian activist outlet first reported the purported raids shortly before midnight Sunday, claiming that “two consecutive Israeli raids” targeted Hezbollah outside the border village of Flita, which lies 30 kilometers east of Lebanon’s Nahle.

“The sirens of ambulances were heard in Yabrud after Israeli aircraft targeted Hezbollah’s positions,” the pro-rebel outlet posted in an update on Twitter later Sunday night.

The more recent version of the story added that Israel had conducted five strikes in the region, where Israel has reportedly targeted Hezbollah in the past. in recent weeks has claimed that Hezbollah has been hit by a number of raids, while Israel has stayed mum on the issue.

Another activist outlet, Qasioun News, also said that Israeli jets bombed Hezbollah positions outside Fleeta on Sunday, but did not go into further details.

Meanwhile, the Lebanon Files online outlet reported Monday morning that mystery blasts had rocked the Qalamoun border region.

“Explosions were heard overnight in the outskirts of Flita,” the site said, stressing that the nature of the blasts remains unknown.

Lebanon Files added that unidentified warplanes overflew the region at the time of the explosions.

Neither Lebanon’s state National News Agency nor other media outlets in the country reported blasts in the border area, where Hezbollah routed Al-Nusra Front fighters and other rebels in a blistering campaign in the spring of 2015.

The purported strikes come amid heightened tension between Hezbollah and its arch-foe Israel after prominent Hezbollah militant Samir Kuntar was killed by an Israeli airstrike in Damascus on December 19.

Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah repeatedly vowed to retaliate against the assassination, and his party’s fighters on January 4 targetedan Israeli military patrol south of the Lebanese border with a large explosive.

The Hezollah strike caused no casualties among the ranks of the Israelis and drew a limited response that saw Israel shell the south Lebanese areas of Al-Abbasiyeh, Majeediyeh, and Al-Wazaniyeh.

Israel allegedly strikes Hezbollah in Qalamoun


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