Counter Terror Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Counter Terror Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Russian Policy of Raping Muslim Women
House Calls for War Crimes Tribunal to Prosecute Assad, Allies
Expansionist Iran no more

Here is a story that reminds us of a counter terror Monday morning quarterbacks. In a Bloomberg story, Matthew Olsen, Director of the US National Counterterrorism Center, is suddenly concerned about the number of young Muslims flocking to Syria. All to join extremist organizations to fight the Assad regime.

“The war is providing both a rallying point and a training ground for radical Islamists from other nations, according to Matthew Olsen, director of the U.S. government’s National Counterterrorism Center. Their numbers are increasing and the radicals, such as those joining the al-Nusra Front, an offshoot of the terrorist group al-Qaeda in Iraq, are now “the most capable fighting force within the opposition” to Syria’s President [psychopath[ Baschar al-Assad, he said.”

With all due respect to Mr. Olsen, any high school teenager with a little of common sense would have predicted that vacuums are short-lived phenomena. Any students of the Descartes hypothesis with regard to space and body would have predicted it. Any Israeli who learns at an early age to anticipate danger would have predicted it.

Maybe it has finally dawned on the Obama Administration that the trail of failures in the Middle East are too massive not to lead to that foolish moment Mr. Clinton mentioned when relying on polls. Maybe Mr. Obama and his team of specialists are beginning to anticipate better the predictive damage to their legacies.

It all began the moment Mr. Obama neglected to heed the advice of US allies and chose instead to listen to the Islamists.

It all began the moment Mr. Obama believed he could strike a deal with Iran.

It all began the moment Mr. Obama turned his full attention to domestic issues in the hope the world would look to the UN for global leadership.

It all began the moment Mr. Obama handed Mr. Putin a gift in the dismantling of the Missile Defense Systems in Poland. Their uncomfortable picture together during the last G8 Summit expressed Mr. Putin’s “Where is my next gift?” attitude as opposed to Mr. Obama’s “I showed you goodwill in Poland, your turn now” attitude.

In the Middle East region, if you see an Islamic cause, look for the Arab effect. Lately though, it has been “if you see an Islamic cause, look for an Obama effect”.

Our solution for Syria. as a counter terror Monday morning quarterbacks, is the following:

  • Announce the US will only arm the original cadre of defectors of the Free Syrian Arm, which will pull all the good brigades around them.
  • Threaten the extremists with drones if they do not disperse and return home.
  • Arm the FSA with weapons to make Putin’s look like a Soviet ornament and Hezbollah to look destructible.
  • Rely on the new FSA to protect, but not to rule Syria.
  • Fill the Hezbollah vacuum by supporting the oppressed Shia in the Gulf openly. Do not make the same mistake again by leaving vacuum characters that are more sinister could take advantage of.
  • Re-organize the Syrian opposition with 50% of the seats allocated to the minorities and only 10% allocated to the Muslim Brotherhood (Their real strength prior to US support). Fools are those who think freedom amongst the opposition leadership will lead to order and logic. Like children, we need to be told what to do and what punishment to expect if we do not follow the instructions. From this order, a Syrian leader will rise to govern a new Syria.
  • Warn Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Erdogan not to interfere in the make-up of the opposition. This is a full US operation now.
  • Support the new Syrian opposition publicly (Front row seats in a September Rose Garden endorsement) to pull the minorities away from Assad.
  • Drone few extremists anyway as a message the US is serious.

Now sit and wait for Assad to falter and implode and for Hezbollah to shrink and Iran to panic. If Putin makes a sound, expose his corruption to the world. He knows by now how much the NSA has against him.

What good is the power of the United States if it cannot use it when urgently needed?

Counter Terror Monday Morning Quarterbacks


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