Is Hezbollah Running Out of Mughniyehs?

Is Hezbollah Running Out of Mughniyehs?

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Is Hezbollah running out of Mughniyehs? It seems so now that three have died fighting for the terror organization. All three Lebanese perished in Syria. It goes to show the extent of Assad’s support for terror.

Imad Mughnieyh, the notorious grand daddy of terror, perished on February 12, 2008 by a car bomb in Kafr Sousa, a Damascus neighborhood.

Mughnieyh masterminded the Beirut U.S. Marine barracks blast that killed 241 American Marines and 58 French soldiers on October 23, 1983. When France had the chance to capture him while visiting the French Riviera, it chose to ignore a U.S. request to detain him for rendition purposes.

Imad Mughnieyh was also responsible for the U.S. Embassy attack in Beirut on April 18, 1983 that took the lives of 17 Americans and 46 innocent bystanders.

The man’s history of violence against U.S. interests caused the U.S. and her allies many sleepless nights.

Then in mid-January, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) fired a missile on a convoy in the Golan Heights inspecting what may have been weaknesses on the border for a Hezbollah terror attack. The missile killed Jihad Mughnieyh, son to Imad.

Four other Hezbollah terrorists were killed in the same strike, among them Mohammad Issa, a field commander who goes by the nom de guerre “Abu Issa”; Also dead was an Iranian Commander Abu Ali al-Tabtabai, also known as “Abu Ali Reza”; and Ismail al-Ashhab.

Though Jihad Mughnieyh was only 25 years old, Hezbollah, with help from the Quds Forces in Iran, were grooming him to replace his father one day.

Now comes the news that Marwan Mughnieyh, cousin to Imad, has also died fighting the rebels in the Qalamoun Mountains on the Syrian-Lebanese borders. His funeral will be majestic and a reminder for Hezbollah that Syria may have become its burial grounds.

Is Hezbollah running out of Mughniyehs? Hard to say, but with three now dead, the U.S., the Syrian people, and the Israelis can breath a little easier knowing the terror gene in this family is about to get extinguished.

Is Hezbollah Running Out of Mughniyehs


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