Assad Finger on the Panic Button

Assad Finger on the Panic Button

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If there is anything we learned about Assad, ever since this young cub-turned-hyena ascended to power in 2000, is that what he says publicly about his regime or himself is the exact opposite of what he means. Threats excluded, Assad has a knack for dispensing outrageous propaganda. If Madison Avenue had ever conceived an award for this dishonor, Assad would consistently top their list. Assad finger on the panic button.

One of those propaganda lines worthy of an award is one he blurted out to a Russian media outlet. In it, Assad essentially said “He will die in Syria“.

The last two days, the regime has landed some rockets in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. As well as rockets inside Turkey. The aim of course is to drag other countries into the Syrian Civil War thus blurring the lines between who is fighting whom, which, in his estimation, leads to more chaos and more instability.

How this could help his regime, we are not certain, but since Assad, through his front businessman and maternal cousin Rami Makhlouf, threatened the region with chaos, he is delivering it in the hope, we would imagine, it would scare the west into submission.

Apparently, this did not work with Turkey, nor will it work with Israel who fired back scoring a “direct hit” according to the IDF.


Imagine yourself to be the bully on school grounds waving your arms wildly and for every wave, someone punches you in the face.

That’s how it looks to the outside world. Wild swings meet accurate punches.

This leads us to conclude that Assad is in a bunker somewhere and his finger is on the panic button. Why would you swing wildly knowing someone is going to deck you?

Chemical weapons? No chance. Our sense is that the west has already secured them in return for safe passage for some of Assad‘s men. We also believe Assad still does not know; and even if he does, he is too weak to do anything about it. Maybe that’s why the punches are landing, and maybe that’s why Assad looks so puzzled.

No, he will not die in Syria. The man is a coward. He will die in a dacha outside Moscow; but unlike Stalin who died because his guards could not find a doctor to save him (He purged everyone), Assad will die after a Syrian doctor, whose family Assad killed, tries desperately to save his life.

Assad Finger on the Panic Button


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