Hell to Break Loose Courtesy of Barack Obama

Hell to Break Loose Courtesy of Barack Obama

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Barack Obama is leaving behind him a legacy of destruction, mayhem, and death. No other U.S. President in history has so deliberately empowered terrorists and states sponsors of terror like Barack Obama has. In our opinion, Obama should face a war crime tribunal for his policies. Now that the Iran Deal has been implemented, hell is about to break loose in one of the most volatile regions in the world courtesy of Barack Obama.

Using its control of $100 billion, Iran will now head in two directions when it comes to its foreign policy. It will begin immediately to operate a clandestine nuclear program it knows the West has no will to stop. It will also spread terror across the region against its Arab foes to exacerbate further the sectarian divide now an open war between Sunnis and Shiites. Even if caught cheating, Barack Obama will turn a blind eye because his intentions were, from the start, to arm Israel’s arch enemy to do his bidding: Destroy the Jewish State. The Arabs are just collateral damage as far as he is concerned.

How will Arab Sunni countries respond when they learn Iran is cheating is no secret. Relationships between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are strong enough for the kingdom to explore its own nuclear ambitions if the ruling al-Saud feel threatened. Instead of forcing Iran to abandon its nuclear goals, the next US President may face a cauldron of fire very few people understand it cannot but have one winner rising. All courtesy of Barack Obama and his hidden agenda of destruction and terror.

Oil prices just crashed reaching the $30 a barrel level, which will limit any growth of the Iranian economy unless Iran can diversify rapidly from its reliance on oil as the primary source of revenues. With limited possibilities of growth, Iran will most likely utilize these funds to expand its footprint in the Arab countries and to oppress further its own people all eager and waiting to benefit from the $100 billion bonanza. Any doubt the hardliners in Iran will control the use of Obama’s funds? The Rouhanis of the world will be cast aside and loose their powers withing six months.

Hell is about to break loose in the Middle East courtesy of Barack Obama. How will this affect U.S. interests is not the president’s primary concern. This is a president who borrowed $10 trillion dollars, the most any president in history, to weaken the US economy. The most likely outcome is that U.S. boots on the ground become a necessity when the mayhem Obama just unleashed start affecting the shipping oil lanes and oil shipping insurance premiums rise dramatically. Only the U.S. is equipped with the power to stabilize the region. That too is Obama’s goal as long as he is not the one ordering the troops, just paving the way with his policies to eventually dispatch them.

If you think we have reached some firmament moment in the Middle East where the combination of violence and terror will subside, think again. Iran is about to show the world what a rogue state looks like that is governed by violent Mullahs in pursuit of nuclear weapons and hegemony. It may not affect us in the beginning as we enjoy low oil prices at the pump, but it may soon force us to send our troops again to stabilize a highly volatile region racing for nuclear supremacy.

Happy you voted for Barack Obama?

Hell to Break Loose Courtesy of Barack Obama


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