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Washington DC – December 11, 2009 (Farid Ghadry Blog) — In the aftermath of capitulation of Saudi Arabia to Syria in Lebanon, many of the Lebanese politicians are scrambling to find a safe nook from which they can survive the next wave of Syrian hegemony.

Assad, so lustful to send the message that there is no such thing as a refuge for some of Lebanon’s most prominent politicians, recently asked for their forced appearance in Syrian courts to answer for their belated treason of daring to stand-up to the Assads of Syria. He is doing so by creating a mock trial for the sole purpose of indicting them for the killing of Rafik Hariri.

The killer is now the judge, the prosecutor, the jury, the defense attorney, and the executioner of those who most mourned Hariri’s death. Even Shakespeare could not have dreamed of such knotted story of betrayal and lust.

One wonders what King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has to say about this. He was the one that dreamed-up the notion that Assad of Syria would rather be an Arab than an Alawite. Had he bothered to ask Saudi fanatics populating his Najd region whether they were Arabs first or Muslim Wahabbis first, he would have never made his trip to Syria.

But now that Abdullah arranged to sell Lebanon cheap, Saudi Arabia will never admit it made a mistake; and Lebanon is left flapping in the wind to pay the ultimate price. That price starts with a humiliating trip that PM Sa’ad Hariri, son of Rafik, will be taking to Damascus on Monday to meet with Assad to seek clemency and propitiation.

We are reminded here that after Hitler invaded France in 1940, he forced the French to sign their terms of surrender in the same railway coach where Germany signed its surrender in WWI. It would not surprise RPS at all if Assad receives PM Sa’ad Hariri in the same room where he first made his threats against his father in 2005.

If you ask any Lebanese what are the two things he remembers most about the ex-prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, he/she will first say that he was killed by Syria’s Assad and then will talk about how much he was loved by ALL the Lebanese. Just imagine the steam rising from Nasrallah every time he faced the successes of Hariri as he re-built Lebanon after a devastating civil war.

As far as I know, Baschar al-Assad or his father Hafez have never visited Lebanon. All Lebanese politicians pilgrim to Damascus as a sign of obedience and capitulation. This in itself demonstrates what the Assads thinks of Lebanon’s sovereignty. Some of those who visit, like the clueless Michel Aoun, do so to receive their marching orders from Assad as well as from Iran. In return, Assad unleashes his propaganda in their favor to turn them into heroes when they reek of mediocrity.

In revisiting the history of the Assads, every one of them in power or close to power, has been a murderer. Some as mass murderers on the large scale of Hama (between 20,000 and 30,000 Syrians butchered in 2 weeks), and some as terrorists killing all their opponents as Baschar al-Assad does. This family has spilled so much blood that in my humble estimation there is going to be a secret war to eradicate the Assad DNA once this regime falls, which I hope it does not happen because we, Syrians, will be trading one Assad for another.

But their atrocities are so hard to forgive or forget that it would not surprise me to see them pay a heavy price. My hope it would be on the scale and respectability of Syria’s own Nuremberg trials.


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