As it happened, Falafel was having breakfast with the ageless Senator John McCain when his chief of staff Pablo Carillo interrupted to say that the Emir of Qatar wanted to meet the Senator as soon as possible. Falafel attends meeting between McCain and Qatari Emir.

Senator McCain, the jovial and best candidate for president we should have elected in 2008, asked Falafel to tag along.

Once they arrived, Senator McCain and Falafel shook hands with the young Qatari Emir recently crowned.

Foremost on Tamim al-Thani’s mind was the question “What to expect, and how to handle Barack Obama”. The Emir’s last meeting with the US President in mid-February confused the young yearling because he has never visited Chicago before.

As Falafel attends meeting between McCain and Qatari Emir, he took brief notes, which he shared.

Emir of Qatar: Thank you Senator for meeting with me. Have some of our Qatari fresh dates.

Senator McCain: Thank you. What can I do for you?

Emir of Qatar: It is very simple Senator. Can you please describe Barack Obama for me? I am ill-prepared for this GCC Summit meeting at Camp David.

Senator McCain: There is nothing to worry about Your Highness. You will find our President to be a real person.

Emir of Qatar: Please explain.

Senator McCain: For one, you can count on his promises. Our President has never made a promise he did not keep. If he tells you he will do something, you can take it to the bank.

Emir of Qatar: I see. What else?


Senator McCain: Our President never lies. He always tells the truth. For example, if he tells you that ‘If you want to keep Iran as is, then you can have Iran as is. Period’, then you can trust him 100%.

Emir of Qatar: Our main concern in Qatar is Iranian terror, piracy, kidnappings, killings, proxy wars, and missiles that could destroy our little country. What can Obama do to help us defend ourselves from Iran. What should we ask for?

Senator McCain: If asked, Barack Obama would commit to Qatar’s security with a solid security pact. He is itching to teach the Iranian regime a lesson, so there is no need to worry about his promises and commitment to defeating Iranian terror.

Emir of Qatar: How could America defend Qatar when your Pentagon has shrunk to half of its size since 2008?

Senator McCain: Rumors Your Highness. Obama is spending more on the defense of this country than any other President. We are opening bases all around the world and the President is committed to our security because of ISIS.

Emir of Qatar: Ah, ISIS. What caused ISIS to grow in your opinion?


Senator McCain: This is an easy question to answer. It grew because Obama bombed the Assad regime when it gassed its own people. The terror organization grew because Obama built humanitarian no-fly corridors to save innocent Syrian lives. ISIS grew because Obama refused and still, to this day, refuses to sit down with the Iranian Mullahs or lift the sanctions unless Iran moderates its behavior.

Emir of Qatar: You make Obama sound like the best U.S. President ever.

Senator McCain: He is by far the best American President ever. No one even comes close to him. I mean, look at Putin all shriveled and small and the Ukrainian people enjoying Obama’s full protection and freedom. Look at terror across the world subside. Obama is a great man. He has one problem though.

Emir of Qatar: What is that?

Senator McCain: Obama does not know how great he is.


Falafel attends meeting between McCain and Qatari Emir went better than expected because Falafel learned about Obama’s great foreign policies first-hand.

Falafel Attends Meeting Between McCain and Qatari Emir

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