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Since March 15, upon the start of the rebellion against the Assads and their cronies, Baschar al-Assad has delivered three speeches on television. And with each delivery, more and more people rebelled. Tonight, he is to be interviewed on local TV to respond to Obama’s call for his resignation.

Besides showing how disconnected he is from the Syrian street, his past speeches also speak for the arrogance of power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I can never forget this image at the Syrian parliament when one of our honorable MP’s stood up and told him that he should be the “president of the world” and not only the “president of the Arabs”. That image followed by the cameras focusing on his face reaction full of pomposity and ceremonial audacity will always symbolize the essence of Syria under the Assads rule. They had their time to shine and failed us miserably.

Now comes his fourth delivery in the form of an interview, thus breaking away from the style we have witnessed so far. It has been determined, by probably none other than Mohammad Nassif Kheirbek that Assad will dramatically make matters worse if he spoke again. So, an interview replaces a speech. We will discover soon how that medium fares for him.

The interview was probably “taped” so we should be watching for two things. First his body language. The movement of his eyes and the gestures of the hands and shoulders will tell us a lot. Second, we should be watching for edits. Has the tape been edited between questions or is it one continuous tape? If it has been edited, it demonstrates several takes. The more takes, the more chances he blew the answers and some publicist had to interfere to put the right words in his mouth.

My own take? There will be over a million Syrians who will hit the street tomorrow.


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