Austria, Hitler’s Birthplace, Bolsters Genocidal Assad

Austria, Hitler’s Birthplace, Bolsters Genocidal Assad

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Austria’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz said the West should involve Syria’s Genocidal Assad and his allies Iran and Russia in order to combat Islamic State in some of the most conciliatory comments towards Assad by a Western official.

For anyone at this moment to try to explain to a sitting foreign minister of an EU country that Genocidal Assad is why Islamic State exists is as futile an effort as any. Some imbeciles do not realize that Assad will never defeat IS because it is his insurance policy against regime change. 

Genocidal Assad has been the cause of everything evil in the region. Just ask the families of U.S troops who died because of his IED’s in Iraq.

Most Western countries insist Syria’s Genocidal Assad must leave power if peace is to be restored, while Iran and Russia say he is part of the solution. That disagreement has derailed efforts to end the four-year civil war.

If any outside country bothers to ask what the majority of Syrians want, maybe we can put this question to rest. Maybe we can move beyond the horrors of the Assad family to a more peaceful Syria. Assad scares the daylight of Europe because of his terror, and so they submit to him instead of eradicating him.

Care to reminisce on another European decision that went the terror way also?

Did you know Adolf Hitler was born in Austria? Now, an Austrian politician is coming to the aid of another genocidal man. Not even Stephen King could have written this horror novel.

What is it with some Austrian politicians? Why do they always find solace in extreme violence and terror?

Sebastian Kurz visited Tehran in July last year and praised Iranian anti-terrorism. Chew on that one mentally if you can.

“One should not forget the crimes that Assad has committed, but also not forget the pragmatic view of the fact that in this fight we are on the same side,” said Sebastian Kurz.

So was Austria during World War II Mr. Kurz. On the same side of Hitler.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Austria, Hitler’s Birthplace, Bolsters Genocidal Assad


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