Assad Torture Killings Lost in Syria Trump Withdrawal Debate

Assad Torture Killings Lost in Syria Trump Withdrawal Debate

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Washington and the world are abuzz with the Syria Trump withdrawal debate. The buzz includes high-level resignations, Senate Trump supporters denouncing the move, and scathing media articles. Lost in all that shuffle is the Assad torture killings and his regime committing war crimes against imprisoned political detainees only the Washington Post denounced in a great example of good reporting – although we believe reporting such news on December 23 is intended to make it fly under the radar.  Reporting on that date says to the world “Look, we do care, but we really don’t care”.

Fred Ryan, The Washington Post publisher, a man with a strong moral compass, could do better.


One reason for the neglect is the same reason the killing of Jamal Khashoggi garnered such international media coverage and Assad killing Layla Shweikani, a U.S. citizen (Reported byJason Rezaian himself once a hostage to Iran’s IRGC terrorists) flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Trapped in the purgatory of Syria just because of suspicion Shweikani may have been too religious. Her religiosity, evidently, falls in the same category as killing an Islamist terrorist. It is not.

Some in Washington believe Assad purging his jails of political dissidents is not worth highlighting because Assad is an extension of U.S. forces in Syria killing Islamist terrorists. Those same politicians have forgotten that Assad labels anyone objecting to his rule a ‘terrorist”. The silence of the Trump Administration and American politicians are oiling the Assad killing machine. They, long ago, lost their moral compass. Our teenager of a country is piling-up its mistakes and it does not seem to disturb anyone that Assad continues committing crimes against humanity against the innocent and the helpless.

The Democratic Senators are focused on 2020, and the Republican Senators, like Rand Paul, simply could give a horse’s ass about innocent Syrian civilians the most violent man of our times is massacring systematically as satellite photos prove it.

Does America still have a moral compass? Or did Donald  Trump break it and no one dares fixing it?

Many forget that moral decay led to the fall of Rome in ancient history.

Assad Torture Killings Lost in Syria Trump Withdrawal Debate


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