Assad Accuses Obama of Being a Neo-Con

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Syria Comment, managed by Joshua Landis who is closely associated to the Assad regime through marriage, wrote a piece on CNN accusing, indirectly, President Obama of being a Neo-Con.

He claimed that John Bolton, Michael Doran, and Elliott Abrams are leading the charge for regime change in Syria, while Anthony Cordesman is promoting a Laissez Faire policy.

Since it was the President who actually called for regime change in Syria, supported by his own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, one can only assume Obama has become a Neo-Con.

Let’s-throw-this-one-out-there-to-see-if-it-sticks bunker mentality is gripping Assad at the moment.

Further, Assad cronies in Washington and beyond are combing their contacts inside the Beltway to figure out whether any plans have been drawn to actually bomb Syria. Can Assad spell S C A R E D?


  • canadiansyrian 13 years ago

    its mind blowing to see some media (respected&not so) lets people like Joshua Assad Landis write for them.
    last month CNN had an article written by Ribal Alassad , yeah,,,the son of the war criminal Rifaat alassad (soon he will appear at the ICC , it will be a fast flight from London).
    Ribal , was giving his thoughts about democratic Syria !!. next time CNN would have Seif Al islam Ghaddafi to give his thoughts about lybian democracy.
    all of the sudden , you see Joshua Assad Landis writings appears on so many news media, I hope he is getting paid (by Imad ) double time and a half for his overtime work because , Can he spell SCARED ?.

    • If only I can write all the secrets I know…

      • canadiansyrian 13 years ago

        I`m sure you know lots of secrets , but , as you know , when people can`t handle the truth , they choose not to believe in it .

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