Vivian Schiller: Fly on a Plane Full of Islamists

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One wonders if it is political correctness or elitist arrogance that drives organizations like NPR to play the arbiter when it comes to judging who has offended Islam. The outcry from NPR’s foolish behavior is justifiable and the hope that others may preempt and temper their behavior in the future, in light of the outcry, may serve Islam far more than the responsibility NPR took upon itself.

I, as a Muslim, am fearful when I fly on a plane with other Muslims wearing non-western clothes. While I trust the security installed at US airports around the country, I cannot but drift to a question that starts with “What if ..”. If I, a Muslim, am fearful, it is understandable when others are.

Islam has become the center of our attention ever since terror has expanded on a worldwide scale to affect our daily lives no matter where we live, travel, or work. This expansionism has jolted some, empowered others, and weakened the most. Those who fear react the way NPR did and those who do not fight back. What is important is not to let those who fear be in the driver’s seat because the battle to defeat Islamism and its extremist ideology would certainly be lost. The outrage over Juan Williams firing is an indication that fear has not gripped all of the American society, which is one of goal of the extremists.

Vivian Schiller, CEO of NPR, can act with morality against Mr. Williams when it comes to mentioning his fear of Islamists but if you ask her what should we do about 22 million oppressed Syrians under the Assad regime, the majority of which are Muslims, she would probably shrug her shoulder and give one of those answers to avoid the responsibility that comes with taking sides the way she did with Mr. Williams. It is OK to oppress millions of Muslims but G*d forbids one of her employees says he fears, and rightly so, when he sees a Muslim wearing a garb flies with him. That’s the double-standards the left can no longer hide.

To resolve this issue, I suggest that we ask Vivian Schiller to fly to any destination tied to a blood pressure apparatus. If a Muslim on that plane, wearing a non-western outfit, gets up and heads towards the cockpit and her blood pressure does not rise, then we should forgive her but if it rises, then she should be fired, not Juan Williams.


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