Will Bahrain Fall to Iran After Lebanon?

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The Arab northern hemisphere is under total control of Iran”™s Mullahs after Ahmadinajead achieved his victory lap by visiting Lebanon and scattering his venom across a land that has remained mostly free since the Phoenicians; a land whose diverse people set an example for tolerance in a region that knows none. I say total as a reminder of the utter failure of the “Peeling Syria from Iran” policy so much touted initially by Secretary Rice and the establishment that followed in her footsteps with vigor and arrogance.

What are the chances that the same people we trusted with one failed policy repeat it elsewhere? Iran, under the Mullahs, is preparing to acquire its next prize in the region and for the first time, it will head south where it has already funded a secret Hezbollah-type organization to be deployed in countries like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. While King Abdullah is concerned about his borders with Iraq against an infiltration by the Mullahs of Iran, the easiest route is the causeway that links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. Abdullah sold Lebanon for pennies in the belief he is posting sentries on his main entrance with Assad”™s help when the Mullahs have been planning all along to enter through the window. If you are that foolish to trust Assad, you deserve a harsh lesson in reality.

If Bahrain falls under Iranian influence through an internal coup engineered in Tehran, it will be the first Gulf country, the first oil rich nation, and the first Arab country in the southern hemisphere.

There is no doubt that an imbalance exists today in Bahrain the way it exists in Syria, which is mainly that a minority government controls the majority against their will. This opens the door wide open to the Mullahs of Iran to take advantage of an oppressed Shia people to make inroads into control of the country the way it did in Lebanon. It poses a dilemma also for Arab democrats wishing to see the people of Bahrain enjoy freedom while containing the Iranian threat, but I believe the risks are very much worth it for two reasons. Mainly, the people of Bahrain will work hard not to allow outsiders to control their destiny even though the Lebanese experience taught us how difficult this may be and second, the Mullahs in Iran will not last forever. A new true democracy in Iran and Bahrain will certainly be a blessing for all of us.


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