Twitter Alert Muslim Geniuses Available for Hire

Assad is Encircling Israel with Missiles and Angry Mobs
Ahmadinajead Visiting Lebanon, His Occupied Territories
Will Bahrain Fall to Iran After Lebanon?

Here is something many in the west need to know about our Muslim leaders. Let us inform the world about their glorious mindsets in case some business in an office tucked away in an alley needs their services. A Twitter alert Muslim geniuses available for hire.


  • Ahmadinejad of Iran: Still looking for that elusive atomic bomb Hitler could not build. If only the Jews could play along and stop constructing viruses!!!
  • Erdogan of Turkey: The new Prophet of Islam playing temporarily the role of a PM. He asked Turkish engineers to build him a neon suit for the occasion to announce the arrival of Prophet Erdogan.
  • Abdullah of Saudi Arabia: Senile and almost dead but still managing brilliant diplomacy like giving away Saudi interests to Ahmadinejad. The first question he is asked every morning? How many sons you have.
  • Assad of Syria: Just an extra in a movie set. Don’t mind him.
  • Qaddafi of Libya: With all his friends at the US State Department, he is looking to be the first Arab and Muslim to blindside them and terrorize the US Space Program.
  • Al-Thani of Qatar: Building al-Jazeera 2 for Usama just in case he wins and al-Jazeera 3 for Ahmadinejad so that he may win. His gift to the Royal British Honeymooners? A rare camel he personally taught how to shop at Harrods.
  • Mubarak of Egypt: On vacation until he figures out how to get his son the reins of power. Meanwhile 50 million Egyptians walk shoe-less in fields and on dirt roads. Up from 40 million a year ago.
  • Nouri al-Malki: A sectarian monster who has a part-time job hanging Sunnis during his spare time when he is not stealing, or pilfering Iraqi government coffers. A wishful Saddam in reverse just itching to kill the other Muslims.

Twitter Alert Muslim Geniuses Available for Hire


  • midya 13 years ago

    my point of vew is that Hariri is doing what he thinks is in use of the intersts of his country and people,he had a different politic recently, but the result was more innocent victims in Lebanon, it’s a terrible war with a big leviathan. but ours all the time are been doing only what is use theire own intersts. in one side there are politicians (may be some of them aren’t enough educated and havn’t experience) but at other side there are just “bandits”‘

    • Politics dictate pragmatism but if I was under pressure by other countries to meet with my father’s killer as a supplicant, I would resign rather than meet with Assad.

  • midya 13 years ago

    it’s ok, but don’t put all them in one bascket, because they are some way different,

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