Who Will Perish First ISIS or The Moderate Syrian Opposition?

Who Will Perish First ISIS or The Moderate Syrian Opposition?

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Today, there is a trend shaping Syria the White House will, as usual, be late to realize. Who will perish first, ISIS or the moderate Syrian opposition? The ISIS JV comment Barack Obama has carved in his own history still reverberates in the mindset of those trusted with protecting America.

During a Belgrade security conference, Secretary Kerry established the parameters for success against ISIS. He said:

“… without the ability to find some ground forces that are prepared to take on Daesh (Arabic acronym for ISIS), this will not be won completely from the air, and we know that.”

While the White House is procrastinating as usual, Putin is building a new air base in Syria aimed at defeating the Free Syrian Army and all the moderate elements opposed to Assad; he just introduced large pieces of heavy artillery he positioned deeper into Syrian territories, and the T-90 tanks equipped to neutralize the TOW missiles the moderate and the Islamist forces have had much success with against the Assad armored vehicles.

To secure his position, he also added the S-400 defense missile system as a warning to Israel, and not Barack Obama.

In short, while Obama is still thinking and mulling his options about how to defeat ISIS, Putin has moved swiftly to defeat Assad’s moderate Syrian opposition with ground and air forces in order to permanently establish the psychopath Assad and his tyranny in the region, and by extension the terror the Iranian Mullahs.

Both Britain and Germany have received the green light from their parliaments to join the US air strikes against ISIS. But, as Kerry said it so frankly, the air strikes are not going to be enough to defeat ISIS. The West needs to quickly introduce a multi-national force on the ground, a miniature “Desert Storm” coalition led by an American capable General who will blitzkrieg ISIS to hell.

If not, here is the scenario Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes have yet to envisage.

Putin will destroy the opposition to Assad to include all the moderates the West must not abandon. He will then feed ISIS in order to keep the West embroiled into a stunning defeat. For Putin, ISIS is an insurance policy against any other Western attempts at dislodging Assad from power. It is priceless.

As such, ISIS will become a permanent fixture if Obama permitted Putin to have his way. For now, it seems he is.

In the meanwhile, Obama is lecturing Putin about civility in international affairs while his brilliant administration is considering its options based on what makes Barack Obama look good, and not on what is best for America.

Happy you voted for Barack Obama?

Who Will Perish First ISIS or The Moderate Syrian Opposition?


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