What Should be Done with Iran?

Putin Will Yet Siphon The Iran Deal Funds From Khamenei
Treasury’s Charge Sees Tehran Enabling al Qaeda in Syria
John Kerry Weaves His Exit

BECK: Look your scriptures up for the context of that one. If you want to fully understand what we are up against and what the stakes are, please, you must tune in tomorrow night and tell all of your friends to do the same. You`re not going to see this anyplace else.

So, here`s what I know tonight. I know that the — that nature absolutely abhors a vacuum, and we have created one in Iraq. You cannot remove the balance of power in the region, Saddam Hussein, and not expect Iran to lick its chops in anticipation of filling that void. They can and they will. And when that happens, all bets are off.

Here`s what I don`t know. I don`t know if we`re able now to stop all of these many pieces from coming together before it`s too late. Let`s say we do withdraw from Iraq before stabilizing the region. Let`s say Iran does have a nuke by next spring. Well, then what? And it`s not like these are far-fetched, you know, the sky is purple scenarios.

FARID GHADRY, PRESIDENT, REFORM PARTY OF SYRIA: Well, I think we`re heading towards trying to appease Iran instead of trying to help Iran resolve by the international community, by the United States to stop them from what — what they`re embarking on.

And I`m afraid that today, with the atmosphere in Washington, with the ISG, the Iraqi Study Group, and with the talk around town, especially with the new Congress, I`m afraid that they`re sending the wrong message to the Iranians.

BECK: You know, today on my radio program — and tell me where I went wrong. Today on my radio program, I said that this is like us going in to kick — to kick Hitler and Germans out of France, halfway through saying, you know what? We got to — we`ve got to come back home because this is just getting too much.

We`d all be speaking German here in America now. Hitler would have seen this as a giant sign of weakness that we would never fight. Isn`t that the same thing here in the Middle East?

GHADRY: It is very true, Glenn, and especially in the Middle East, because I come from that part of the world. I know that when you start — your knees start buckling and you show weakness, that it`s not a magnamity in behaving or trying to forgive and forget. The sword will be over your head, and the Iranians will use that sword very, very aptly. So we have to change course here.

BECK: You know, as much as I respect Sandra Day O`Connor, I look at this Iraqi study group and I think, what are these people — look, I`m a rodeo clown, so what do I know? But even I have some handle.

If you look at the Middle East and the history of the Middle East, all of the great leaders have been washed in blood. They are all warriors. You cannot come to the Middle East and expect people to have respect for you unless they also fear you.

GHADRY: That`s very true. And I also note I would love to see someone on the ISG who has great Middle East expertise or come from the Middle East, like Fawad al-Jouli (ph) or people like that.

Unfortunately, the group is embarking on a new policy, new direction that will only bring about the acceleration of the Iranian goals, which has been in play, Glenn, for the last 27 years.

Remember, this started during the Khomeini era, and Iran has been an enemy of the United States. They have been the enemy of every democracy around the world, and today they`re accomplishing what they`ve embarked on doing, and we`re letting it happen.

BECK: Farid, people will say, as I`ve heard it a million times, “Ahmadinejad, OK, he`s nuts. He`s a religious nut job. We`ve seen these guys come and go.”

I think this guy is in a different category of evil that the world has never seen. Right or wrong?

GHADRY: It`s very right, Glenn. He`s extremely dangerous, extremely charismatic, and extremely smart. And this is why we should fear him. He is not a man that minces his words. And we`ve heard these words over and over again.

I`m totally surprised by the reaction of the international community. When a president of a sovereign nation stands on a podium and calls for the destruction of another nation, the reaction to it has been, at best, moot. We live in the 21st Century. We can`t allow for these people to have a podium in the first place, let alone let them speak like this.

So, I truly believe and I truly help that with the new Congress, and there are some conservative Democrats in the new Congress, that they will become like a swing vote and that they will have a determining voice in the direction that will avoid trying to make a deal with the devil and trying to confront the devil here.

BECK: You know, you pray and hope for it, as well as I do. I`ve been trying to figure out why the press is giving this all a pass, why the world when Ahmadinejad said yesterday — I think it was yesterday. When he said, soon, Israel will disappear off the map.

How people don`t tie that together and why they give a pass. Why is the media not covering this? Why are they are not telling people the truth of who this guy is?

GHADRY: Because I think, you know, traditionally in this country the media has always taken a very passive role in this — in relationship to confrontational issues and relationship to cultures and traditions with overseas countries.

But I think this is a different — we are really dealing with a different breed of animals here. We`re really dealing with different breed of terrorists. And I think we need to be — the media needs to be more understanding of this.

BECK: Yes. Thanks. Farid, I appreciate it.

GHADRY: Thank you.


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