We Will Never Forget

We Will Never Forget

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Syrians and Syrian-Americans witnessing the plight of their desperate country over the last three years will never forget the history, nor the men, that led to the Syrian tragedy.

We will never forget the Assad family and we will never rest until the mass murderers in Syria face justice.

We will never forget how young men demonstrating peacefully were met with hails of bullets and when they tried to bury their dead, Assad killed their next of kin en route to the cemeteries.

We will never forget Assad gassing women and children, nor will we forget those images of little infants suffocating without understanding why.

We will never forget how Assad attacked civilians with SCUDS missiles, Cluster bombs, MIG Jets, and Barrel Bombs.

We will never forget those who claim Assad is protecting the minorities when his tyranny empowers the extremists at the expense of all Syrians; nor will we forget that Syria’s demographics are similar to Lebanon’s demographics where co-existence has proven to be sustainable and only mayhem prevail when Assad and Hezbollah do.

We will never forget how Assad turned the war sectarian thus risking millions of lives to include many minorities of Syria caught in Assad’s web of deception and lies, nor will we forget that the minorities are much more fearful today than yesterday.

We will never forget how Barack Obama refused to arm the Syrian liberal opposition that defected early and ordered US allies to follow suit just so he can strike a deal with those butchering Syrian women and children; nor will we forget that his deal with Iran amplified the killing and made it far worse.

We will never forget how Barack Obama refused to help Syrians free themselves from tyranny thus leading Syria to become a hornet’s nest of terrorists and extremists.

We will never forget how Barack Obama ignored the freedom call of tens of millions of Iranians in 2009 in favor of partnering with few hangmen, stone throwers, and terrorists.

We will never forget Barack Obama deliver a powerful speech on how important military action against Assad was, only to deliver another speech few days later to justify non-action.

We will never forget Barack Obama’s Red Line that ultimately was trampled upon by his own sinister goals of collaborating with terrorists, nor shall we forget his memorable oscillating moments on Syria, which conclusively demonstrated to the world, for the first time, the true nature of Barack Obama.

We will never forget how evil Ayatollah (God’s Verse) Khamenei, Barack Obama’s partner, is for dispatching his foot soldiers to target Syrian pregnant women as they forage for food for their unborn, nor shall we forget how evil is Nasrallah for standing by a mass murderer while claiming Israel is the real evil in the region.

We will never forget how Barack Obama refused to help Syrians even though it required no US boots on the ground, no US taxpayer’s money, and no risks to any US interests, nor shall we forget that his handling of the Syrian crisis has led to its destruction.

We will never forget that even today Barack Obama refuses to aid the Syrian refugees for fear he may offend the terrorists ruling Iran.

We will never forget Vladimir Putin for shipping Russian weapons to Assad he knew are killing civilians, yet he wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times claiming the biggest danger is Islamic extremism.

We will never forget that Vladimir Putin is a thug and that the Russian people deserve far better.

We will never forget the reaction of some Arab countries to Barack Obama’s betrayal of his own Red Line, nor shall we forget their courageous stand at the UN aimed at condemning the world silence while Assad butchered Syria’s civilians.

We will never forget the brave Arab and Farsi intellectuals and writers who rose above sectarianism and bigotry to condemn their own for crimes against humanity, nor will we forget the cowards who called for freedom from tyranny for Iraq only to fall silent when Syrian freedom was concerned.

We will never forget the bigots who stood by silent as Assad committed atrocities against a civilian population and called for non-interference in Syria even before the extremists began streaming to fight Assad’s sectarian war.

We will never forget how Israeli hospitals cared for injured Syrian civilians when Assad was bombing Syrian hospitals across Syria.

We will never forget to build an Assad Genocide Museum showing the savagery of the Assad deranged family on full display surrounded by balconies with some world leaders looking down comfortably.

We will never forget that Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey welcomed those escaping Assad’s crimes, nor will we forget that the Iraqi Government supplied Assad with tools to help him murder en masse.

We will never forget the NGO’s and the people who stood by the Syrian people in their times of need and passionately expressed support for the innocent and the helpless.

We will never forget the many foreign doctors, journalists, aid workers, and human rights advocates who perished in Syria. We will always remember them for their exceptional heroism.

We will never forget


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