The United Nations’ sick honoring of Syria’s butchers

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Source: The NY Post Editorial Board (The United Nations’ sick honoring of Syria’s butchers)

If the United Nations was trying to mock itself, it couldn’t have done a better job than it did this week, when it re-elected Syria’s ambassador to a top spot on its Special Committee on Decolonization.

The panel — set up in 1960 to push for the freedom of European colonies and to oppose “subjugation, domination and exploitation” — re-elected Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari of Syria as rapporteur.

That’s right: Syria — whose five-year campaign of murder against its own people has taken a toll nearing a half-million lives.

OK, UN panels of this kind are worse than useless. They regularly put foxes in charge of hen-houses — as when a UN women’s-rights board gave Iran a seat at its table in 2015.

Indeed, the decolonization panel also made Venezuela its chairman and Cuba a vice-chair, despite the horrific human-rights records of both regimes.

But Syria’s behavior makes an utter joke of the principles the panel was set up to uphold: “self-determination,” an end to “armed action or repressive measures .?.?.?against dependent peoples” and respect for the “integrity” of national territory.

On each count, it would be hard to find a worse offender than Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime.

“It is incomprehensible for the UN on one day to lament the regime’s killing and wounding of hundreds of thousands of Syrians,” says UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer, “and to then hand this gift of false legitimacy to the mass murderer Bashar al-Assad.”

Neuer says the move will let Assad & Co. portray itself as a “human-rights arbiter.”

Which may actually be the entire, repugnant point of these UN committees.

The United Nations’ sick honoring of Syria’s butchers


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