For over seven years, analysts have noticed a pattern to Barack Obama’s foreign policy. It is always reactive to events instead of preempting them. Obama is the reactive too little too late Commander in Chief.

Out of all the tragic events we witnessed in Syria, whether the rise of ISIS, the extraordinary and brutal killing machine of Assad that defies our worst expectations, the easy fall of the moderate forces to more radical ones, and the Russian invasion it finally dawned on the West is aimed to weaken Europe and the United States, Barack Obama was always late in reacting to danger.

It took Barack Obama almost five months of Putin bombing the moderates before he could muster the courage to call him to tell him to please not bomb the very people we are supposed to protect. Five long months before Barack Obama reacted. As far as killing civilians, Obama is still trying to get over Putin’s shirtless images to overcome his fears and call him to stop killing Syrian innocent civilians. He has yet to do it.

There is no national security apparatus in the world that waits five months before reacting to clear and present danger unless that apparatus is filled with planted Russian sleeper cells. It is that simple folks. Before the era of Barack Obama, did you know he was listening to Merkel’s cell phone conversations? It would have been unimaginable, right? So are the Russian sleeper cells populating our national security staff to start with Ben Rhodes.

No one has explained to this website yet what is a 37-year old master’s degree in creative short story writing, in the personae of Ben Rhodes, doing running the whole turbulent Middle East all by himself? It is called the benefit of being a sleeper cell.

However, when it comes to Israel, Obama almost always reacts immediately.

When Hamas fired hundreds of rockets on Israel on July 8, 2014, and Israel had no choice but to respond immediately, Barack Obama took to the podium a week later to warn Israel and to prevent Hamas from being decimated. Obama reacts in one-week time to protect terrorists, but takes almost five months to protect those he claims to support. What does that say about this reactive too little too late commander in chief who favors our enemies? Any wonder why Putin pretty much is invading one country after another with impunity?

There is a good reason why we have in the White House a reactive too little too late commander in chief when it comes to our enemies. It is because he is the enemy within.

The Reactive Too Little Too Late Commander in Chief

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