The glass house Obama built

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I had a thought the other day that maybe I should lobby the Saudis for thousands of free tents to pitch at the US-Mexican borders.

Then, I would call Senator Ted Cruz to rally the American people to stand guard at the borders Obama refuses to seal.

The job comes with free paint guns, free beer, and free tacos courtesy of the Koch Brothers.

For the Saudis, it is an answer to Obama’s arrogance. Obama meddles in their backyard by empowering the terrorist regime of Khamenei, so Saudi Arabia returns the favor by blocking Obama’s freeloaders. I would even invite Benjamin Netanyahu to address these patriots guarding America’s future, and I am almost certain he will refuse because he loves Barack Obama so much.

Mind you, Saudi tents come with A/C’s, Jacuzzis, and free cable (without al-Jazeera). They are something else!

King Abdullah may order to pitch tents inside the Mexican borders as well. Jacuzzis have quite an effect on changing the minds of dusty lost tourists. Remember Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?

When Obama gets wind of it, he turns furious of course, and so does Valerie Jarrett knowing Obama’s main support and allies, in 2 years, will only come from four people all working at the White House (Including First lady Michelle).

This is how I would imagine a call between Obama and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia would go.

BO: “Why?”

KA: “Iran”

BO: “What about Iran?”

KA: “Stop your love letters”

BO: ”Please don’t do this. I need something to hang on the walls of my future library. Obamacare is a disaster”

KA: “Hang the pictures of the 55,000 Syrians Assad tortured and you ignored”

BO: “I talked to Assad. He said he did not do it”

KA: “You think there are tents, but there aren’t!”

BO: “What if we meet and I kiss your hand?”

KA: “If I were you, I would avoid the whole Middle East going forward. People don’t like you here”

BO: “But I am Barack Obama!”


The glass house Obama built reveals itself.

The glass house Obama built


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