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Reports have surfaced to the effect that the Obama administration insists on appointing Amb. Robert Ford as its envoy to Syria even after learning Assad has clandestinely shipped SCUD missiles to Hezbollah whose intent is to threaten all of Israel directly.

In insisting on appointing the US envoy, no one bothered to ask the question: How will Assad read this?

We can assure you as Syrians who understand Assad better than any one on the Obama Middle East team can that he will see this as proof that his policies of spreading terror are succeeding and no reason exists to change direction, especially that there is no price to pay at all. In Assad’s world of real politics, his primary goal is to survive and to spread “resistance” across the Arab world. Obama’s diplomacy will not help Assad make any concessions and someone must explain to Obama that Assad is not in the business of being nice or conciliatory. If one simply reads the history of this family, one will realize that their success and their strength emanate from always taking as much and never give anything back. To Assad, Obama is a dream US president because he can always dictate how much he can take and never even bother to calculate what he has to pay for it.

Further, Robert Ford, as good a diplomat as he is, will not reverse the SCUD shipments.

We urge the US Congress to stand firm on withholding the appointment of Amb. Robert Ford. Its side effects are not in the best interests of the US as Assad employs this abandonment of reason on Obama’s part to consolidate his powers, to terrorize his neighbors, and to continue spreading violence.

We cannot stop Assad and his machine of terror by being weak or nice. Assad is not some teenager gone astray who, if engulfed with love and attention, will start behaving.

Furthermore, one must, under the circumstances, consider that the appointment of a US envoy to Syria is intentional to strengthen Assad so that he can threaten Israel directly and bring its legitimate, democratic government down. Considering how Obama has been behaving lately when it comes to Israel and his history of accommodating Israel’s enemies by surrounding himself with their venomous wisdom, this theory is a legitimate one to take into consideration.

Time to stop Assad’s terror. Enough concessions and enough weakness.


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