The Region Can No Longer Afford Assad

Syrian Assad poses bigger threat than Isis, warns thinktank
Thousands of Fighters Enter Syria to Battle Pro-Assad Kurdish Forces
Jets bomb eastern Syrian city after intelligence general killed

Jeffrey Feltman, top Middle East diplomat, told a Congressional Committee on Wednesday that the US State Department has warned Assad at least five times since February not to transfer weapons to Hezbollah.

Yet, Assad continues to defy UN Resolution 1701 thus placing the region in danger for another war that, by all accounts, may reach Syria this time around.

By placing SCUD missiles in Lebanon, Assad is attempting to shift the conflict to that country, which is why Israel has, in its last public statements, threatened Assad with a direct war.

Most Syrians know that the Assad family, overall, are an uncivilized mountainous people unequipped to handle diplomacy and keen on using force to resolve their problems. They have systematically used violence against Syrians over the past 45 years and with Baschar robbing us of a duly elected government trusted by the people, we Syrians find ourselves, since 2000, as well the enemies of the Iraqi, the Lebanese, and the Israeli people.


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