The IRGC is dumber than we think

The IRGC is dumber than we think

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One could not help but laugh after reading the story published by Arutz Sheva in which it cites Iran pushing the Assad regime to attack Israel through the Golan Heights.

Even in the best of times when the Assad regime armies were intact, Syria had hardly the capabilities to attack Israel or defend herself from Israeli responses to any attacks by the Assad regime. Its air force anchors are old MIGs engineered in the seventies and its main battle tanks are T-55’s, cousin to the T-40’s tanks used in WWII. The IRGC is dumber than we think. Must be.

Those who felt at one point Iran was so powerful and cunning, we owe our readers an apology. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Iran has been arming Syria with thousands of rockets and missiles, which the Mullahs consider them ‘their’ assets to be used when ordered to. For those who know the Assad regime know well that this is not the mentality of the regime. As far as Assad is concerned, these missiles are for defensive use to protect his regime. Otherwise, how does one explain the calm on the Golan Heights since 1967?

Launching these missiles against Israel will exact the opposite effect upon his regime because Israel will not hesitate to destroy whatever little is left of Assad during a time when he has to go door-to-door to force young men to fight the Syrian rebels to safeguard his rule. Good luck attacking Israel Assad. Hope you are as dimwitted as the IRGC to do it.

Honestly, the IRGC is dumber than we think.

Another factor we need to consider is the ‘rats abandoning the sinking ship’ element. The weaker the regime gets the more likely high officials¬†would be willing to spy for Israel in return for some amnesty for the terror these officials have, at one point or another, forced upon Israel. Every Palestinian organization under the sun willing to terrorize has a home in Damascus courtesy of these officials now desperately looking to survive.

In other words, Israeli intelligence will simply amaze us if Assad listens to those hackneyed in Iran.

Really, the IRGC is dumber than we think.

The IRGC is dumber than we think



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