The Arab League Observers’ Mission Aims at Killing Syrians

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The Arab League is in deep trouble. There is an Arab street anger brewing against its deadly policies. 

Over the weekend, Gen. Mohammad Ahmad al-Dabi, the Sudanese leading the mission of 70 observers and one of Omar al-Bachir trusted men, refused to include in his mission the immediate removal of snipers in Syria hunting down Syrians.

In other words, al-Dabi’s mission is really to observe Assad kill as many Syrians in order to stop the Rebellion.

The controversy was addressed by the Algerian Foreign Minister Murad Medelci who timidly announced on public French radio that “The Arab observer team will be enhanced soon. We will have a more credible assessment of the situation.”

Further, French President Nicolas Sarkozy weighed-in today to ask Assad to step down. He referred to his massacres as “disgusting. His Foreign Minister Alain Juppé cited his skepticism towards the mission of the Arab League. Bravo France.

It is no accident that al-Dabi was chosen by the Arab League to head this mission from hell. He is one of Omar al-Bachir’s generals who was directly involved in the Darfur Genocide that exterminated 300,000 civilian Sudanese.

As al-Dabi observed his boss kill at will, he has been sent to Syria to inspire the Assad killing machine. How else can one interpret his refusal to demand that IRGC snipers are removed from rooftops?

Why are western leaders silent on the Arab League’s treachery and deception against its own people? How long before the west realizes its own interests lie in freedom, accountability, and economic justice, the very same principles behind Bastilles and the ensuing Revolutions of 1848, which enveloped some 50 countries all the way to South America?

Look at the contemporary results enjoyed by Western freedom breeding great achievements. Saudi Arabia is the cause of all evil and the west must help Arab aspirations for a future mirroring theirs.

All the profits the west generates from the commercial favoritism of corrupt Arab rulers is spent on its security as a result of the fear, hate, paranoia, and sometimes terror emanating from the very same countries.

With all due respect, the west reads today like a Leopold von Sacher-Masoch novel. Submissively pervasive.

Our medievalism, represented by the Arab League, is cannibalizing western values (i.e. 4,000 Wahabbi extremist Mosques built in the west the last 30 years and not one church in Saudi Arabia).

Western doctrines of neutrality towards corrupt rulers can no longer co-exist in a Google-Facebook-Skype-Twitter-Skype-YouTube age (The GOFASTY age) when millions can interact with each other in nanoseconds.

Nimble minds must face nimbler realities and the fogged minds of submissive men are winding their clocks backwards. 


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