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When the Assad forces attack with heavy machine guns unarmed civilians, this is the beginning of a civil war.

When the Syrian people respond by killing Assad forces, this is a civil war.

When Syrians are murdered based on their religion, this is a sectarian civil war.

When Syria records the first suicide attacks against security men in their vehicles, this is a terrorist civil war.

When the Assad regime dumps containers of corpses in the sea and buries the dead in mass graves, this is a Genocidal civil war.

When the most feared Air Force intelligence service in Syria is attacked at its headquarters in Damascus, this is a guerrilla civil war.

When Syrian children are deliberately hunted like animals, this is an endless civil war.

When Asma al-Assad hides in Britain waiting for her husband to join her, this is a people civil war.

When Russia stands in the way of saving Syrians from Assad, this is a cold-war civil war.

When the Syrian Army records defections to protect unarmed civilians, this is a split-the-country civil war.

When the Assad regime refuses to realize its predicament, this is a prelude to a regional civil war.

When Sunnis raise funds to buy weapons for the Sunnis of Syria fighting the regime, this is a regional civil war.

When Hezbollah leadership hides in bunkers only to order Syrians killed, this is a real regional war.

When the Mullahs of Iran send their snipers and terrorists to assist in killing Syrians, this is a historic regional civil war.

When Sunnis and Shia rally around or against the Assad regime, this is a borderless regional war.

When Assad discounts Iraqi borders are porous both ways, this is a delayed civil war. 

When US and Euro companies assist the Assad regime to monitor Syrians, this is an exploited civil war.

When the minorities hide in their homes for weeks, this is a scary civil war.

When an Israeli singer defends the Syrian people with his songs, this is a necessary civil war.

When Syrian merchant families side with a regime of terror, this is a class-driven civil war.

When the Arab League keeps silent for several months on Syrian killings, this is a sweeping civil war.

When Jassem al-Thani of Qatar and Erdogan of Turkey swing with the wind for or against the Assad regime, this is a sparked civil war.

When the Syrian opposition forms in Istanbul to merge with Assad, this is an opportunistic civil war.

When the Syrian opposition representing 5% of the population leads exclusively, this is a commissioned civil war.

When the Syrian opposition chosen by our neighbors still denies Syrians the right to defend themselves, this is a duplicitous civil war.

When our neighbors hand-pick the men who will lead Syria, this is a proxy civil war.

When Syrian diplomats threaten dissidents in a free nation, this is a Mafia civil war.

When neighboring democracies keep mum to avoid the Assad rage or to avoid tainting the Syrian people, this is an unfair civil war.

When Syrians suffer in silence for 8 months and the response is timid when it comes to action, this is a calculated civil war.

When Saudi Arabia and Qatar believe it is necessary to control their people by controlling events in Syria, this is a sick civil war. 


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