See the Movie ‘Farewell’, Then Ask Who is Running America

See the Movie ‘Farewell’, Then Ask Who is Running America

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For those who watched the movie ‘Farewell‘ (based on real events and facts), please see it again soon; and for those who have not watched the movie yet, make sure you do soon. After you do, ask yourself this question:

If the Soviets were able to penetrate the West so deeply and so systematically under the Jimmy Carter four years in office, what are the possibilities they are running the US Foreign Policy all together under an Obama Administration that finds it hard to say Nyet to Putin?

There is no doubt that the absolute majority of people working in the US Government have nothing but the best intentions for the US. This fact does not change the perspective of who are America’s enemies today and what they are capable of doing.

In addition to planted agents, we are also talking about people on the periphery with so much influence and so much pull, they are dictating the US Foreign Policy by remote using the easy disposition of the people running the Government today.

Look at the outcome of Obama‘s Foreign Policy in the Middle East and certain facts about his life to reach the same conclusions.

  1. No US President, since the Muslim Brotherhood seeds of inception in the 1920’s, has ever empowered that organization the way Obama has to threaten Israel from Egypt. Obama has accomplished what the Soviets have failed to do over decades of influence in the region.
  2. No US President has ever given-up on a US tactical advantage without any negotiations (Defense Shield in Poland and Czech Republic).
  3. No US President has ever been overheard tell Medvedev of Russia that he will be more flexible with Russia in his second term and never bothered to explain it when questioned about the statement over and over by his political opponents and some in the press.
  4. No US President has ever been known to have been groomed by Socialist and Communist Professors.
  5. No US President has ever had his most trusted adviser raised in a communist household (Valerie Jarrett).

There are no leaders in America today that will stand-up to Obama‘s anti-American policies. Not John McCain, who had his chance in 2008 and missed it because he could not bring himself to believe this is possible, and not Romney who had his in 2012.

Look at Obama’s Iran Deal. It could have been conceived in the Kremlin for its anti-Americanism.  

Because of the mysteries surrounding the upbringing of Barack Obama, we believe Russia is running the US foreign policy. If the Soviets could penetrate so easily U.S. institutions under the administration of Jimmy Carter who is not a communist, imagine how much power Russians must have with Valerie Jarrett at their disposal because of her history.

See the movie ‘Farewell’ to get the shock of your life.

See the Movie ‘Farewell’, Then Ask Who is Running America


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