Scoring the Republican Debate

Scoring the Republican Debate

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It is time for scoring the Republican debate that just took place on August 6 in Cleveland Ohio.

After the first major Republican debate, it is time to score the winners and the losers.

In scoring the Republican debate, we admit the questions were very tough. They were because the RNC, we believe, wanted each candidate to prepare for what was coming. Many of these candidates are running for the first time for the White House.

The second debate is coming up on September 16 in Simi Valley.

Our scoring system starts by giving each of the Tier One debaters 10 points, and each of the Tier Two debaters 5 points. Based on how well they did, we either add or subtract points from their totals.


  August Debate  
Candidates Starting Score New Score Note
Jeb Bush 10 10 Jeb answered well. No boat rocking. Just stabilized his momentum and maintained his leadership position.
Ben Carson 10 12 Ben Carson showed his humanity and a presidential disposition. Great closing statement.
Chris Christie 10 8 Showed his combative side. Republicans will never forget his Obama hug though.
Ted Cruz 10 12 Was poised, presidential, and determined. Americans like that in a candidate
Mike Huckabee 10 8 Answered well, but his time has passed.
John Kasich 10 12 Very poised, very presidential. His Ohio credentials are important.
Rand Paul 10 5 Showed how nasty a man he could be. Americans don’t like politicians who get angry quickly. Downgrade to Tier Two.
Mario Rubio 10 13 Had the best answers and the best delivery. Rubio won the debate.
Donald Trump 10 7 His answers on treatemnet of women will harm Republicnas if running against Clinton.
Scott Walker 10 12 Showed himself to be presidential material. Good and stable answers.
Carly Fiorina 5 10 Elevated herself to become a serious contender. Should move to Tier One.


Scoring the Republican Debate



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