Russian Massacres of Syrian Civilians Will Not Go Unpunished

Russian Massacres of Syrian Civilians Will Not Go Unpunished

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This Saturday morning outside Ariha, in a small village called Ihsam, a Russian strike targeting one house killed 11 members of al-Zaeem family. All civilians, all non-combatants, all innocents.

It also bombed several other houses in the same town, and Syrians on the ground told, a pro-rebel website, that the Russians deliberately attacked the civil defense workers (Emergency respondents) who were trying to save lives from their initial raids, which killed one emergency respondent.

At least 39 civilians civilians, including eight children and eight women, have been massacred by Russian air strikes in the last four days of bombings.

This intentional Russian massacres of Syrian civilians and emergency respondents who are trying to save lives will not go unpunished. Facebook and Twitter are burning with posts about this reckless savagery by Vladimir Putin.

The Russian massacres perpetrated by Putin have two distinct purposes. One is to punish Europe for its sanctions against Russia for his invasion of the Ukraine. By killing civilians, Putin is forcing more Syrian refugees to head for Europe. He is also empowering ISIS by creating a recruiting carousel that keeps America on its heels. ISIS serves Putin’s interests to keep everyone off balance, especially since Assad has stayed clear of bombing ISIS and ISIS has kept clear of striking the Assad forces. To understand why, read this TIME Magazine article that explains it well.

Russian massacres of Syrian civilians will not go unpunished. The Syrian rebels have their own tricks up their sleeves, and it won’t be long before Russian troops suffer the consequences of the barbarism of Vladimir Putin. As the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan spraying civilians indiscriminately with their helicopter gunships, today’s Soviets are bombing civilians in Syria. And we all know what happened to the Soviets in Afghanistan.

Putin is betting that because of the proximity of the State of Israel, the West would be unwilling to arm the Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft weapons that could threaten his air superiority. He is betting that, unlike Afghanistan, the CIA is not going to rush to help the rebels, especially not while there is a feckless leader, like Barack Obama, in the White House. To guarantee himself this reasoning, Putin is coordinating with the Israelis to keep them appeased.

But what if Putin’s calculations are wrong. What if the Russian massacres of civilians will move countries like Saudi Arabia, with its own set of guarantees to the State of Israel, to deliver highly accurate non-American made anti-aircraft missile batteries?

What if the West gave Putin the benefit of the doubt to see whether he will strike ISiS or not, and now that the Western leaders realize what his true intentions are, which are to protect the butcher in Damascus, as British Prime Minister David Cameron called Assad, the West decides it has no choice but to surgically weaken Putin’s position in Syria?

What if, between the flood of Syrian civilians Putin is now causing by helping himself to kill civilians with abandon and the recruitment carousel he is developing for ISIS, the West decides to finally act with vigor and determination against the Russian massacres and Putin’s evil in Syria?

Putin must have considered the worst case scenario, and in every instance he must have also considered who is in the White House.

Based upon these considerations, Putin must have concluded Barry does not the balls to confront him.

Russian Massacres of Syrian Civilians Will Not Go Unpunished


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