Obama Wants Iran to Build Nuclear Bombs

Obama Wants Iran to Build Nuclear Bombs

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All the problems facing America today, whether the domestic terror belatedly referred to as work-related violence or the divisions amongst Americans, are the cause of Obama’s personality that does not respect US strengths and fears even less US enemies. The worst is yet to come. Obama wants Iran to build nuclear bombs by paving the way for that goal.

All the problems facing the Middle East today, whether the rise of Islamists or the continued violence in Syria, are the cause of Mr. Obama’s failure to recognize where US interests lie. In the case of Syria, Obama is siding with US enemies for his refusal to bring down the Assad regime of terror the way he refused to side by the people of Iran during their 2009 uprising.

Fools are those who trust Obama will stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. Obama wants Iran to build nuclear bombs.

Honestly, it would not surprise us at all if he is waiting for Iran to have a nuke before he proposes a trade with the Israeli nukes. He is doing it to America with the Russians, why not Israel with Iran.

Syria is just the step he needs to build the trust with Iran to reach this Israel-free nuclear zone, and all of us are falling for his ruse by screaming “The Jihadists are coming, the Jihadists are coming” instead of understanding what sinister move this President has in store for Israel.

Obama is a reader of Teleprompters, not a leader a nation can rely upon to save her from evil. The failure of his policies will be paid forward and their effects will have a deep impact on US prestige and power; a power many Americans are beginning to realize Obama does not believe is right or fair. He is distributing US power to the terrorists the way he has distributed wealth to the poor and the lazy.

Even his own supporters are beginning to question his motives and leadership.

The Washington Post, in a scathing Op-Ed (The worst we have read so far), described the larger problem in Syria as “an extraordinary failure of leadership by Mr. Obama”, and his actions as a “spectacle”

Maybe, it is 6 am and the alarm clock is going off in Washington as people watch with horror how Obama has handled Syria.

We have always maintained that Syria will unravel Obama. Syria to Obama is what Halloween is to children. You get to play a fun role but by bedtime, those clothes and that mask have to be removed. It is bedtime for Obama. The removal of his mask has uncovered a child in every sense of the world, naive about the US place in this world, and the important role American freedom plays in the lives of distant people.

The Islamists hate the US today more than ever before. Does that bring some sense into Obama to realize his approach of extending a hand of friendship to the Islamists has failed miserably? Never in a million year because he believes he can do no wrong.

Obama is acting like a defeated General acts on the battlefield by relinquishing US powers for free the way he relinquished the Defense Missile System in Poland for free. Does that bring some sense into Obama to realize that US enemies are getting stronger at our own expense? No because he believes America is not that exceptional and therefore he needs to distribute its power the way he distributed its wealth.

The problem is when Obama is distributing US power overseas, the recipients are not food-stamp families, but nuclear chaser enemies. His answer to the problem? Limit US nuclear arsenal.

Wake-up America. Obama has an agenda he does not realize how sinister and ungrateful it is to America’s greatness.

Obama Wants Iran to Build Nuclear Bombs


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