Obama is Complicit in Starving Syrian Civilians

Obama is Complicit in Starving Syrian Civilians

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Don’t you find it strange that Barack Obama has ordered air drops of weapons and supplies to the YPG Kurds but has yet to consider air dropping food to almost 1.2 million Syrians the Assad regime, with Iranian and Russian collusion, are starving to death through medieval sieges? Does it not say that Obama wants the Syrian people to suffer at the hands of our worst enemies? Obama is complicit in starving Syrian civilians.

Our president is willing to sell weapons, air drop weapons, and provide free weapons to violent players in the Middle East, but he is unwilling to air drop food even though, according to Syrian opposition sources, only up to 40% of UN aid reaches its final destination. The other 60% are confiscated by the Assad regime to either sell to besieged residents at exorbitant prices (Hezbollah terrorists sold a kilo of rice in Madaya for $300) or to distribute to cities and towns he controls to reward his violent militias. The UN collection basket that passes around once a year to help Syrian civilians actually helps more the criminals behind the civil war.

Barack Obama knows that 1.2 million Syrians are being starved to death by Russia, Iran, and the Assad regime of terror. Air dropping food to the helpless civilians would go a long way in bringing the parties to the peace table as it takes away one weapon Assad is using to win the war. Nonetheless, Obama is willing to air drop weapons but not food. What does that say about his black heart? It says that Barack Obama is complicit in starving Syrian civilians.

Between the summer of 1948 and that of 1949, the Soviets besieged Berlin in Germany in what was dubbed the Berlin Blockade. President Harry Truman, a Democrat like Barack Obama, organized a historic airlift that saved Berliners from Soviet starvation. Today, Russia is helping the Assad regime mount sieges across the country to starve Syrian civilians. Instead of airlifting food to the besieged innocents, Democratic Barack Obama is choosing to ignore the Russian terror against innocent civilians.

This is the difference between one white heart Democrat and one black heart Democrat. One is courageous and the other is a coward. One went out of his way to show American greatness and the other goes out of his way to show his smallness. Obama is complicit in starving Syrian civilians.

The fact Barack Obama is not using his powers to assist Syrian civilians he claims publicly he is backing shows the extent of his cooperation with Vladimir Putin. Analysts would like to believe there is an enmity between them, and staged photos of the two meetings deceived us all into believing the two do not see eye-to-eye. The truth is that Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are one and the same. While Putin goes on a rip to revive the Soviet Empire, Barack Obama gives him the space and the time to do as he wishes.

Obama’s lack of actions to stop Putin are part of a vision Obama has for diminishing America’s power around the world at the expense of her enemies. Just as Putin wants.

So, if you ponder why Barack Obama does not airlift food to Syrian civilians Putin is helping starve, it is because he is fully committed to Russian power and expansionism the way he is committed to the expansionism and terror of another enemy: Iran.

In our humble opinion, Barack Obama is just a black Putin.

Obama is Complicit in Starving Syrian Civilians


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