Muslims Cannot Tango on Their Own

Muslims Cannot Tango on Their Own

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How does terror start? It begins, in today’s environment, with Muslims willing and able to commit acts of extreme savagery. But how does one make Muslims commit terror? Something or someone must spark the whole terror cycle. After all, it takes two to tango. Muslims cannot tango on their own.

This is where Barack Obama comes in. Whether induced by American captains of industry or on his own is hard to know. But, since 2008, we have seen a series of “cause and effect” that have elevated terror to new heights never reached before.

Assad gasses his own people. Obama threatens him with air strikes then backs off. That’s your spark for Muslims to fill the void through terror.

Assad releases hardcore Islamists from his jails. Obama calls them JV as compared to al-Qaeda. Bingo, the time Obama wasted to pursue ISIS was enough to make the organization a global terror threat.

Assad kills with barrel bombs. Everyone on the planet, from the French to the Saudis to even Obama’s own cabinet members, demand that the US establishes a No-Fly Zone. Obama refuses. He still refuses to this day. More Muslims join ISIS. Terror expands. Do you think Obama does not know the result of his actions?

Obama knows Assad is a magnet for terror. The videos and images of his atrocities are used on social media to recruit Muslims willing to follow orders to the extreme. That’s not enough for this president. He calls on Assad to step down without taking any meaningful steps to take him down. Terror rises even more. Muslims cannot Tango on their own.

Obama knows Iran is a state sponsor of terror, yet he insists on unleashing the Mullahs upon the Middle East. Iranian terror in Syria and Yemen creates panic. Arab Gulf countries rush to buy tens of billions of dollars in weapons, and more Muslims join one terror organization or another to fight the extremist Shiites Obama let lose. Any bet one of Obama’s golf buddies is in the weapon business?

Today, the terror industry is alive and well. Ever since Barack Obama came to power, he has used terror as an economic simulator that creates jobs across the board for America.

For example, terror sells weapons. Lots of them.

The industry of terror also permits the government to expand its powers to monitor unsuspected Americans and to create a permanent state of surveillance. The more ISIS terrorizes, the more the US government gets away with in terms of illegal surveillance.  Who is going to complain after San Bernardino?

The terror industry Barack Obama has created also helps recruit more soldiers who volunteer to fight ISIS or whichever the new threat to replace it will be. There is no need to go around college campuses to recruit. They come flying like a bee to a flower.

Muslims cannot tango on their own. They need a spark to commit terror, which Barack Obama willingly has been providing for almost eight years on so many occasions, it is hard to keep count.

This is why Assad is permitted to remain in power by the United States. He helps spark Muslim terror that serves the West on so many political and economic levels both domestically and internationally. As long as Syrian refugees are forced to return home.

Like religion provides hope, terror provides fear. The same fear Syrians experience under the Assad regime is now in place in America. Without the dungeons, of course.

You cannot imagine how handy fear is to people who are thirsty for more power.

Muslims Cannot Tango on Their Own


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