Let’s Give Them Elections and Get the Hell Out

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The Arab Spring was and remains about economic injustices in the Middle East. The Arab countries, ruled by corrupt despots, have reached a boiling point as our people watch others use the power of their votes to decide their fate and to constantly replenish their hopes and aspirations.

In the west, many agree that what the Arab youths are facing in the form of oppression and cronyism are too daunting for them to successfully eradicate them on their own. How can you expect the Middle East region to extricate itself from brute oppression, terror, and ignorance if hopelessness is the only prevalent expectation? We cannot flee these Ali Baba caves without NATO or open western support for civil disobedience.

And when we flee them, we have to be concerned about those contracted to helping us.

Every single protest that erupted in the region had one thing in common: Economic justice. Yet, we have managed to turn what seemed like an argument everyone can reason with into new governments of Islamists whose main goal is religious parity rather than economic parity. This Arab Renaissance slipped from our fingers because our leaders are visionless, lazy, and their concerns are too narrow-minded.

Everyone is watching elections in the region yield unholy results because this US administration, too eager to win another 4-years in office, is wrapping this precious gift Arab youths heaved into its lap with toilet paper instead of a Hallmark wrap. Let’s give them elections and get the hell out said the wizard.

A contract on our head was declared and the contractor is none other than PM Erdogan of Turkey who saw fit to encourage quick elections in the region to replace the Mafiosi families with characters wearing suits but whose minds rot in the 7th Century. Those who are fleeing their Ali Baba caves are being ushered into another one by Erdogan.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States Golf handicap improves from its mid-twenties to below 20. Applause, applause.

My sarcasm emanates from the pain of one who will miss during his lifetime to see Arabs and Muslims experience a real Renaissance of enlightenment and knowledge. It seems the more we pursue the time-tested western values, to be adapted to our heritage and traditions, the worse the results are.

The problem was and remains that the west is too impatient and too lazy to walk the distance. Band-aid it because I only have four years to show results declared the Commander-in-Chief of the free world.

Instead of formulating a vision based on economic aspiration and needs of our youths to drive the political agendas, the Obama administration outsourced the region to a non-Arab whose own country was a century ago the occupier of Arab lands.

I guess sensitivity and knowledge are not the forte of this regressive US administration.

What comes next depends on many factors all of which require courage, determination, and reshuffling of our priorities. Replacing the most dangerous of enemies with tactical and calculating savvy with one that is reckless and suicidal is not exactly a win. 


  • Don Cox 12 years ago

    Middle East countries cannot rely on “the West” to sort them out. They have to do it themselves, just as the states of Europe did in the past.

    The most casual reading of 19C history tells you that it is not easy, and that freedom once won is hard to keep.

    One thing that has been quite successful is the US constitution, with its checks and balance built on the assumption that politicians will be greedy and power-hungry. It notably keeps religious conflict out of government. It is also short and understandable.

    It would make the best starting point for a newly “democratic” country. But nobody is likely to adopt it.

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