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During the US liberation of Iraq, the Assad regime, in concert with the Iranian rulers, attacked savagely Iraq and the US forces; with impunity thanks to Condoleezza Rice.

The main reason for this Syrian-Iranian terror lies behind the fear both regimes acknowledge if a superior army existed on their borders able to interrupt their oxygen supply the civilized world calls terror.

Almost similar circumstances materialized in Lebanon in 1983 when the US Marine barracks were destroyed by the Hezbollah-Syria-Iran axis of terror and 243 US Marines died on Lebanese soil. Assad risked it all not to have any US presence in areas he deemed dangerous to his survival.

On Friday Oct. 28, the main theme adopted by the Syrian protestors was named “No-Fly Zone” in an attempt to show Syrians want the Libya scenario sooner than later. Out of fear and revenge, the Assad regime killed 40 Syrians yesterday mostly in Homs and Hama. 

The threat of brute force against his rule turns Assad into a trembling, anxiety-laden dictator.   

Today, Assad is looking at such a scenario from two fronts: The Free Syrian Army and a yet-to-commit NATO to implement a No-Fly Zone over Syrian airspace followed by a bombing campaign with Special Forces to back the FSA.

Yet, the Obama administration is unwilling to express such an effective policy to end the crisis. Just the contrary, this US administration went out of its way to declare the Libya scenario is off the table in the case of Syria.

Go figure..

Meanwhile, the Arab League, as fearful as Assad of the Syrian protestors unlimited energies to influence its own Arab population, has designed a two-forked policy with Erdogan’s approval.

First and foremost protect the Arab League member states by merging Syrian Islamists and opportunists (i.e. The Syrian National Council) with the Assad regime. The SNC refuses NATO’s help because its has a hidden sinister agenda.

Secondly, lobby Washington to refrain from a military operation against Syria for one purpose only: To asphyxiate the Libya model in their neighborhood. Strangely enough, Washington listens to this crude logic. 

In doing so, the Arab League tells its own people that Libya was an aberration and not the standard. The worst that could happen to us is we decide again who rules and who does not.

With Syrian protestors and rebellious youths calling for a “No-Fly Zone” yesterday, the Arab League policy is failing miserably. But then failure in our neck of the wood is considered admirable. According to Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Arabs won in 1967. 

Hasta La Vista Syrian National Council. The Syrian people speak for the Syrian people.  


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