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Washington DC – December 22, 2009 – (Farid Ghadry Blog) — Tareq Alhomayed writes in his  Asharq Alawsat article “Hariri in Damascus” that “The Prime Minister of Lebanon – regardless of who he is – has three options; Damascus, Israel, or the sea.

Alhomayed is known for excellent articles. Logical and tempered, he is respected as a journalist. But his last article on the visit of Hariri to Syria truly reeks of Saudi newmanism. To make Assad’s goals compatible with the Saudi goals tells more about how Saudi Arabia remains stubborn in its wrongful policy towards Syria under Assad.

Lebanon is far better a country, with its rich heritage, its policies of co-existence, and its democratic institutions to throw it to the fangs of Syria or the influence of Israel. Its independence means that a model of success can be adapted anywhere in the region.

Could that be the reason why all its “neighbors and friends” also indirectly diminish Lebanon’s value by giving it no option to stand tall and strong?


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