Islam Debunking Darwinism

Islam Debunking Darwinism

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Whenever I read about a violent Muslim dictator (Arab or Persian) killing his people; or I learn about old Muslim men forcing pubescent girls into marriages of slavery; or I see fundamentalists abusing the rights of women; or I hear how despotism is the tool we use to measure excellence, I wonder why Arabs are on a mission of self-destruction. This is Islam debunking Darwinism.

Similarly, whenever I read about Israeli, or Jewish, accomplishments in the fields of sciences and technology; or I hear about Israeli politicians held accountable; or I see Israeli women participate fully in building their society; or I learn how Israelis are free to speak their minds when Arab rulers mute their people, I wonder why Israelis are on a mission of self-construction.

We are both Semitic people, but in reality, we could not be any different from each other judging by the snapshot of today’s culture and history.

There was a time in the history of Islam when Arab and Persian Muslim scientists, philosophers and astronomers enriched our world with knowledge and enlightenment.

  • Al-Khawarizmi (780-850) invented Algebra and the decimal system (He shares the latter it w/Diophantus).
  • Al-Biruni (973-1050) claimed the earth rotated around its axis and calculated its circumference.
  • Al-Sufi (903-986), Persian, is regarded as the first astronomer who set accurate tables of fixed stars.
  • Avicenna (980-1037), also a Persian, was one of the greatest scientists of all times who recorded many innovations in astronomy, mathematics, alchemy, and physics. Many historians consider him the father of chemistry.
  • Ibn al-Haytham (965-1040) considered the father of modern optics.
  • Ibn Khaldun (1332-1408) developed the first non-religious philosophy of history.

The list goes on with many, many more. Here is a slideshow by Scientific American describing some of the contributions of Muslim scientists and philosophers.

Their history has been forgotten, not by the West, but by the decline of Islam we see today in its present form spreading violence and ignorance.

Compare, if you please, Ahmadinejad and his scientists, the destroyers of countries, to Abdul Rahman al-Sufi the Persian scientist who built a stairway to the stars. Persia gave us the first treaty ever between the Akkadian Naram-Sin and the Kingdom of Elamite (The early settlements in Mesopotamia) 43 centuries ago. Compare this civilizational act to today’ uncivilized terror of Khamenei and his cadre of barbaric men. Today’s Islam debunking Darwinism.

If we turn to the present’s real contributors of sciences and technology in the Middle East, only the Israelis can claim that honor (Turkey and Iran have the potential to excel, but not with their present Governments ruling). In the case of Israel, instead of adapting to the reality by opening our arms to this knowledge, we threaten to destroy it. Is it any wonder why many Israelis hate Muslims? We brought this upon ourselves because we cannot let bygones be bygones; we cannot adapt to conquer the evil within ourselves standing in the way of competing in a highly competitive world.

Do you know how many people, tribes, or civilizations have been displaced in the history of humanity? Thousands of times. What makes Arabs believe they can defeat the normal stream of this history when they enjoy such vast lands they call their own?

If there were any states I, as a Muslim, want to seek its friendship and cooperation, it is the State of Israel. We have become so ignorant of what is in our best interests, blinded by Imams and a religion gone astray.

No one is asking the quintessential question: What will Muslims do after they destroy Israel? Will that provide us with the mechanics we are missing to earn the respect of the rest of the world, or will the destruction of Israel suddenly and magically provide us the tools we need to prosper and enlighten others? We Muslims have become so ignorant we cannot even answer the simplest of questions.

There is no need to get into comparative history or philosophy to reason with the irrational. All we need is to ask the simplest of questions the simple minds of most Arab dictators and Muslims Imams do not bother to ask.

Who is going to move Muslims in the 21st century? The Jihadists calling for more terror or the Arab Princes and Sheikhs interested in self-indulgence and in squandering their nouveau wealth on their own self-importance.

We live in an era when those who can do, and those who cannot are debunked by Darwinism. This is Islam debunking Darwinism.

In Islam, the bottom scrappers survive and the cream escapes to the West to help widen the divide even further. Where will it all end? When will the next generation of young Muslims look-up to figures other than those who kill, terrorize, and corrupt? The answers elude us today and will elude us tomorrow if Islam is not reformed, a task many believe is as impossible as time travel.

To facilitate this task, some believe in the violence of defeating extremists, while others believe in keeping their distance even though Muslim extremists are following them to Europe and the US. Many, however, have concluded that reasoning with Islam is a dead end street, which has led to the two former policies. For this group, it is all about defending their rights to excel from the rot of Muslim extremists and from an Islam unable to reform or cope. Islam debunking Darwinism.

How can Muslims establish the societal order to rectify our mistakes and to re-instate the past glorious times of accomplishments? What does it take Muslims to understand that only through cooperation, sharing, and open borders we can set our locomotive on the right track?

For writing “What if the Jews Numbered 1.5bn and Muslims 15m”, I received hate emails that was accused me of treachery of my religion and my race; one even went as far as to accuse me that I was the reason why the Syrian Revolution has failed so far to oust Assad. Islam does not permit freethinking, even in hypothetical scenarios. Any wonder why we have become the scourge of the earth.

With this kind of mentality set in stone, I am afraid many Muslims, for generations to come, will have to ride this roller coaster without having any control over its gravitational violent gyrations.

In the meantime, it would be rather helpful if the Obama Administration resists empowering those who are controlling the roller coaster; it would also be fruitful to be more assertive with all the Arab delinquent rulers, playing a major role in suspending Islam in mid-air, rather than to cajole them as if they were in the presence of Greek gods. This means no bending, no begging, and no bemoaning. They are just simple tribesmen if you just treat them as such.

Islam Debunking Darwinism


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