Hezbollah Thugs Protest Satirizing Their Leader

Hezbollah Thugs Protest Satirizing Their Leader

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A group of Hezbollah thugs took to the streets late on Saturday burning tires and blocking roads around Beirut and east Lebanon to protest a short comedy TV program impersonating the party chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. In effect, Hezbollah thugs protest satirizing their leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Saturday evening, a large group of Hezbollah thugs had gathered in Msharrafieh in Beirut’s southern suburbs and moves escalated afterward to burning tires and blocking roads in several areas including al-Saadiyat, Choueifat, Airport road, Spears, Bekaa, Baalbek, Britel and Douris.

They protested a short comedy sketch that was broadcast on a Saudi-owned TV station MBC that impersonated their leader (For our Arabic speaking readers, you can watch the sketch below).

The sketch makes fun of Hassan Nasrallah’s loyalty to Iran and his resistance to Israel when his troops are fighting fellow Arabs in Syria. At one point, during his speech, he is interrupted by a phone call to take orders from Iran.

The army issued a statement later and said that the situation was under control and that it had set up checkpoints and deployed troops to several areas around Beirut to contain the protests of the Hezbollah thugs.

AFP contributed to this article.

Hezbollah Thugs Protest Satirizing Their Leader


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