Defanging Islam

Defanging Islam

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Islam has gone astray in the Arab world. Defanging Islam must be the priority of every Muslim to find peace and co-existence.

Show me one great endeavor due to modern Islam the world depends upon to improve lives.

Show me one great homegrown Muslim scientist whose work has made a difference for humanity.

Show me one Muslim leader you want your children to emulate.

Show me one Mother Fatima agonizing under inhuman conditions to save Christian or Jewish children or a Muslim Gandhi suffering for peace and co-existence

There is none. Today’s Islam only produces oil, terror, and blame. Defanging Islam is in order.

Does the answer to violence in Islam lie in the West slowly abandoning purchasing our oil, by accelerating fracking, for us to rot in our own decaying ignorance?

Or, does the answer lie in holding Arab and Muslim leaders financially accountable to force a re-education of the masses born to illiteracy and lies?

Or, in challenging traditional Muslim beliefs and Hadiths that led us not only to violence but also a permanent state of medievalism.

What is the answer to defanging Islam?

Arab and Muslim leaders will claim they are leading the charge to eradicate extremism. After all, look at how many conferences they hold, how many statements they make, or how many local NGO’s they support.

Do not believe them.

They all consider Islamic terror to be a sword of convenience with enabling waving powers when necessary even though most spend massive energy on avoiding becoming its victim.

The honest Muslim leaders amongst them are too poor to reach the masses, and every time western diplomats apply polite pressure, al-Jazeera invites one of them for 10-minutes, once every 10-years.

Islam is the only religion that embraces its weaknesses as a source of pride. The more violence we seem to produce the less concerned our Muslim and Arab leaders are unless it threatens their governance. This illusionary state of mind suspends responsible behavior and automates their reflexive responses to a set of useless motions.

Between their silence in the face of extremism and the lunacy of Islamists, others may have to decide collectively to end it the way the Allies ended WWII. I sense there is no patience left in Christendom or the East to wait for our own 30-year war. Not one developing nation has been able to avoid Islamic terror over the last forty years, and more is on its way.

In Washington, we Muslims intend to have a One Million Muslim March on September 11, 2013 in support of our rights. Sharia laws are coming to America and 9/11 was its spark.

Just wait and see how many American politicians will respond to the march with politically correct statements instead of challenging us to march in Aden or Riyadh against Islamic terror.

Muslim and Arab leaders seem to think selling our oil with our backwardness is indispensable to Western thirst for our energy and that waving the sword of Islam is like waving G*d’s hand.

Time for a corrective action.

Time for the developing nations to embrace a new set of disciplines to ease Islam into the modern world instead of believing we can fix it ourselves because of their political correctness.

Leaving it to our Muslim and Arab leaders to reform our religion is a futile exercise when, last week, a Saudi court ruled that an 8-year old girl cannot divorce her husband fifty years her senior.

Do not tell me your eyes do not well for this helpless child because mine do every time I think of the curse of today’s Islam upon the innocent and the destitute.

This is how dark the caves of Islam are. Not one flicker of hope.

What seems to be a benign ruling many may shrug their shoulders to is really at the heart of an angry religion that will continue on its path of violence unless it is radically reformed.

Today’s Islam cannot produce responsible men (or women) to lead us into this Century. It is time to realize how deficient our religious systems, courts, and Governments are to shoulder this immense responsibility.

It is time for the civilized nations to eradicate violence in Islam heads-on by relying less on our oil in the hope a new generation of Muslims will embrace Reformation out of an urgent need. The fat cats ruling and preaching today have no incentive or urgent needs otherwise.

The impossible may yet happen if our Muslim and Arab leaders have to bathe in less than 24-carat gold tubs.

Defanging Islam


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