Collapse of the Assad Syrian Army is Imminent

Collapse of the Assad Syrian Army is Imminent

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Many fighting for the Assad regime are voicing their concerns over the medical treatment their injured are not receiving as a sign of the total neglect the Syrian government is affording its own troops. The collapse of the Assad Syrian Army is imminent. reported that as the number of injured Assad troops rise, the government is finding itself unable to care for their injuries.

A new anonymous pro-government Facebook military page titled “We Want To Resign” has been crusading against the government and the way it has been treating its injured soldiers by abandoning them, once they reach the military hospitals, to care for themselves, and even to pay for their own long-term care in case of serious injuries.

The page has been precise in its criticism citing case after case of soldiers finding themselves neglected after sustaining serious injuries, which is obligating their parents or next of kin to hire their own private doctors to treat them and to purchase their own medicines at costs that are economically prohibitive. Their treatment is forcing the parents to sell everything they own to help their sons treat the injuries the government is supposed to be responsible for.

And the more injured soldiers return home, the higher the pressure on the Assad regime to find a solution to a problem that may cause the collapse of its armed forces through defections and draft dodging.

One soldier commented on the case of one of his friends who has been injured for two years with shrapnel still lodged in his mouth and tongue. For two years, the government has neglected to operate on him even though the operation is quite simple. Not only that, the commentator also claims that every time his friend complains, his neglect gets worse. The Assad regime wants its soldiers to suffer in complete silence. 

There are approximately 130,000 Syrian troops protecting Damascus. Reading about the fate of their injured comrades fighting on the front must be one of the most demoralizing aspect of their duties. This is why the collapse of the Assad Syrian Army is imminent. The government is unable to sustain serving its armed forces to protect the regime from its own collapse.

To limit its losses, the government has resorted to “surprise roadblocks” to net draft dodgers and age-able men to force them into service. In Damascus, the sight of these “surprise roadblocks” has become a routine. Each nets tens of young men a day who are then shipped to the front to fight against their will.

You tell us, how long do you think the government will keep this forced draft system before soldiers begin defecting in larger droves than anyone can anticipate. If they stay, they all know either they will die or, if injured, they might as well commit suicide because hell awaits them in the Assad military hospitals.

Collapse of the Assad Syrian Army is Imminent


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