As Syria unfolds, notice there are no heroes in Syria. Only villains!

If you read the earlier coverage of the Syrian civil war, there was Assad the villain. If you read it today, there is only ISIS the villain.

As Syria unfolds, the heroes are missing. Any wonder no one cares about Syria when the world looks for villains in its ruins and refuses to acknowledge the heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes?

When was the last time Barack Obama invited leaders from Doctors Without Borders (@MSF) or UNICEF (@UNICEF) or Amnesty International (@AMNESTY) to the White House to congratulate them for their exceptional work inside Syria or coverage of Syria?

Barack Obama can award many medals to these organizations for their work in Syria. He has done zilch.

When was the last time you heard the President speak of Syria as Syria unfolds before our eyes? He has erased the country from his map the way Hamas erased Israel.

When was the last time anyone at the White House bothered to learn some more about the individual sacrifices some Syrian refugees are making for the greater good? There is not one Syrian figure or one Syrian personality we hear about except that of Baschar al-Assad, the butcher of Syria.

As Syria unfolds, the U.S. has welcomed 524 Syrian refugees so far. Courtesy of Barack Obama who knows Syrians would vote for Republican candidates given his record on Syria.

Then we wonder why is it so difficult to bring the Assad regime down. Ah, the brilliance of Ben Rhodes never ceases to amaze us.

If you watch this House White operate, there are no heroes in Syria because they think they must be Iranian-fed and bred. For this White House, the terror of Iran is the real hero in Syria.

Look around you, there are thousands upon thousands of extraordinary people working for heroic NGO’s this White House ignores on purpose because it wants Syria and its problems to disappear.

Barack Obama’s last New Year’s resolution must have been “No more mention of Syria”.

We are told his handicap suffers every time he mentions Syria or anything related to Syria because images of a shirtless Putin flash before his eyes.

This is why he ignores Austin Tice (@FreeAustin) family because if he talks “Syria”, he can no longer impress his buddies on the golf course.

As Syria unfolds, the heroes are missing. There are only villains to feed the war and no heroes to bring hope and change.

Obama’s answer on Syria is to ignore it, its heroes, or the remarkable work of so many aid groups many of whom have reached desperation as they watch Assad barrel bombing civilians, Obama ignoring him, and Putin cheering him with his vetoes at the U.N.

They even wrote Ban Ki-Moon a letter blasting the U.N. for its lack of effective policy to confront Putin the thug and to pressure Obama the pretender we should have never elected.

If you wonder why you have not heard of one hero in Syria or one heroic NGO worker or employee helping Syrians, it is because Barack Obama wants you to forget Syria, one of his many failures as a U.S. President.

As Syria Unfolds, the Heroes Are Missing

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