The Muslim Arab Middle East in Technicolor

I dare you to defeat ISIS
Syria’s Assad accused of boosting Al-Qaeda with secret oil deals
Blast hits Aleppo intelligence HQ
  1. Mohannad al-Hassani, the human rights lawyer who has been sentenced to 3 years in jail, has been beaten by a criminal prisoner wearing a metal ring in his middle finger (Provided occasionally for beatings by the Syrian prison wards). Why? Because a day before he was awarded the prestigious Martin Ennals Award for 2010 as a Commissioner on the International Commission of Jurists. After the beating, he was transferred to a cell eight floors below the ground with no blankets or food. The family of the criminal who did the beating received, we were told, a live chicken from Assad as a gift.
  2. In Saudi Arabia, a Saudi reporter will be lashed publicly with a whip for complaining of power outages. He will receive 25 lashes outdoor and another 25 lashes indoor at the headquarters of the electric company. Could it be that funds allocated for generators may have been siphoned by the government-owned public utility, which is the cause for power outages? If al-Saud can siphon so much, why not a little for us they ask?  Just another colorful day from our part of the world.
  3. For those who do not believe that al-Aqsa Mosque was built over Solomon’s Temple comes this tragic story from Iraq. Al-Qaeda held over 120 Christian hostages at the Church of Our Lady of Deliverance in Baghdad for, and I quote, “dirty place of the infidel that Iraqi Christians have long used as a base to fight Islam.” Incidentally, the Iraqi Christian community is one of the most peaceful in the region. US and Iraqi forces freed the hostages but not without, yet another, heavy price to their community. Reminder: Islamic terror did not exist 30 years ago even though the United States has been doing business in the Middle East since oil has been discovered. Al-Qaeda wants the US out so it can take over the region because of the oppression exerted by the likes of Assad and al-Saud and many others. Al-Qaeda exists because Assad and al-Saud exist. You won’t read this in any newspaper.


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