Amiri for the 3 Americans? Or is Amiri a Plant?

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The issue of the Iranian nuclear scientist who defected has been quite secretive in the past. But now that two different versions are airing on both sides, it is not inconceivable to consider that the US swapped Amiri for the 3 Americans held in Iran who were kidnapped as they hiked the region between the Iraq-Iran borders. The 3 came from Syria before being abducted by Iran.

We have witnessed already a tendency by the Obama administration for swapping when 10 US planted Russian spies were exchanged for 3 Russian spies who worked for the West inside Russia (The beneficiaries are all Russians). Such may be the case here, even though Iran has already denied the charge.

It is also quite possible that Amiri may have been planted by Iran to provide misinformation. The CIA found out and sent him back packing instead of becoming Gitmo prisoner Number 182 (Another one of Obama’s sense of right and wrong).

It won’t be long before we find out the truth. Meanwhile, if Amiri is still roaming the streets of Tehran or any city in Iran a free man 6 months from now, then either the Iranian version is the correct one (Abducted by the Saudis for information) or he was planted for misinformation. If he vanishes, it becomes even more interesting. Let us wait and see if Amiri disappears from the limelight and becomes untraceable.


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