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Assad spends $81,588 per Israeli/per year to defend his rule with the average age of a Syrian tank standing at 48.7 year. For every $1 Israel spends to defend herself, Assad spends $2,720.

Damascus Declaration Website (Internal Syrian Opposition group dedicated to freedom and democracy), first translated into English by the MEMRI Blog, is reporting that an epidemic calamity is spreading fast in the Syrian Army, which has caused a digestive disorder the magnitude of which interrupted all training missions.

It is highly possible that the incident may have been a sabotage perpetrated by Assads’ enemies, which, as we all know, have multiplied the last 7 years; any country could have been involved, including European countries who have paid a dear price politically for engaging with Assad with no results to show for.

With Assad spreading his wings of hate to far reaching countries like Brazil and Venezuela, this act of sabotage is a signal of how weak his regime is. MEMRI reported that Assad spends 35% of Syria’s GDP to defend his rule. If you compare it to the 4.7% the mighty US spends on its defense budget, you would have an idea just how volatile the Assad regime of terror is.

The Syrian budget does not include any cyclical armament renewal program, which means 43% (2,150 tanks) of our T-55 tanks have been first manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1947, 20% (1,000 tanks) are T-62, manufactured beginning 1961, 32% (1,600 tanks) are T-72, which were manufactured starting 1970, and the remainder 6% (300 tanks) are T-80 which entered service in 1976.

The average age of a Syrian tank is: 48.7 years. Almost as old as the country of Israel.

Next time you read a story about Syrian SCUD being transferred to Hezbollah to defend Damascus, do believe it because Assad knows even more how weak Syria has become over the last 40 years under the Assads.

Another important index to take into account is the % of GDP (or aggregate number) Syria spends on its military divided by the total population number of Assads’ enemies to obtain the $ amount spent for every enemy-person per year (EPY). In this instance, Assad spends $6b annually and the population of Israel is 7.54m, which yields an EPY index of $81,588. In other words, Assad spends $81,588 per one Israeli person per year to defend his rule.

Israel, on the other hand, spends 9% of its budget on defense with a GDP of $207b annually (Its Defense budget is $18.6b). But its EPY is simply amazing. Even if we assume the number of 300m enemy-people Israel is surrounded with, its EPY comes to: $30. In other words, Israel spends $30 a year per enemy person to defend herself and Assad spends $81,588. For every $1 Israel spends, Assad spends over $2,720 for the same purpose.

Why such a gap? In a nutshell, we need to take a closer look at the Israeli people.

Consider these facts:

  • We, Arabs, seek to blame, the Israelis roll their sleeves and produce.
  • We, Arabs, think with our hearts, the Israelis think with their brain.
  • We, Arabs, are stuck in the past re-writing history, the Israelis are writing the civilized world future.
  • We, Arabs, are consumers, the Israelis are producers.
  • We, Arabs, contend with family-owned countries ruled by thugs, terrorists, and idiots, the Israelis support and build their democracy.

Syria is heading towards a man-made disaster the likes of which this generation will not witness again. Syria’s sick economy, disincentivized population immersed in poverty and misery, and lack of any freedom are like time bombs whose expiry is sooner than anyone thinks.


  • I have a problem with the information given in this report. Where is the sources for the numbers given?

    • Farid Ghadry 14 years ago

      Hi Sana.. Tank numbers and production dates was provided by the defense establishment in the US. Thanks for your comment. Farid

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