The Head Shaker Club in the Times of Barack Obama

Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism
Syrian Bomb Plot Marked Deadly Turn in Civil War
Iran, Russia may depose Assad when fiscal obligations accumulate

Do you sometimes, while reading the news or listening to the radio or watching TV, find yourself just shaking your head in disbelief? If so, you are not alone. Join the Head Shaker Club of America I think many of you are members; already.

Here is a list of things that make us a member of the Head Shaker Club of America.

  • A leader who tries to save us from terror by ignoring to name the terrorists. Repeat after me “Muslim terrorists”. If Muslims say it, so should you.
  • A leader who is liable to lie with every breath, learns nothing from his repeated mistakes, is generally incompetent, and who still thinks he is a gift to mankind.
  • A leader who is so full of himself he thinks he can appease barbaric men on the march and extremely violent.
  • A leader who blames everyone else but himself for the repeated mistakes he makes.
  • A leader who thinks he needs to apologize for his country’s history full of good deeds.
  • A country that plays politics when it comes to human rights and freedom.
  • Election losers acting as winners and election winners letting them.
  • A Muslim believing a girl is a sexual object, a mother is a slave, and a woman is good for stoning. Burn, Sharia, burn.
  • Anti-Semitism. One third of all Nobel Prizes for sciences were earned by Jews. Who is stupid here?
  • Someone who believes success should be punished because they cannot attain it. Clean-up our campuses.
  • Academia in American universities who believe Trotsky lives through them. Clean-up our campuses, again. Had we done it, Barack would be a different person.
  • Democrats who tax to buy votes, Republicans who think they have the right to tell us how to live, and Libertarians who think isolationism is the answer to our fiscal problems. Neither understands the impact of Social Media on peeling reality.
  • Rich American Socialists who decry Capitalism. We can’t stand those.
  • Someone who finds faults in America but is blind to her greatness. Shut him up.
  • Someone who lives in America yet hates her. Love it or leave it.
  • People who have forgotten to write real letters, make real phone calls, and pay real visits. The age of ape communications.

In the times of Barack Obama the Head Shaker Club of America has never been more alive and well.

 Head Shaker Club in the Times of Barack Obama


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