The Architect in the White House

The Architect in the White House

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Americans Behind Destabilizing Bahrain?
Al-Qaeda in Syria

While Iran pretends to negotiate a nuclear deal with Barack Obama, it has embarked upon invading and occupying four Arab capitals the last six years.

At this rate, Bahrain will fall next whether the P5+1 negotiations lead to a signed agreement or not. Syria is long lost and Yemen we just lost.

While Barack Obama wants us to believe his foreign policy legacy is dependent on striking a deal with Iran, he is ignoring the Ayatollah terrorists who are on a rampage conquering and threatening our allies and sovereign nations in the region.

Could this White House be that foolish? Did we elect a fool to lead this country?

Or is this by design by this architect in the White House to submit our allies to terrorism?

You be the judge.

The Architect in the White House


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