Syrian Christians: They Don’t Need to Be Caught Between a Regime of Terror and Intolerant Islamists

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Imagine yourself between three choices, two of which are provided by the Assad regime of terror: Either you join us and keep mum about our actions or you stand against us and deal with Islamists who will punish you for standing by us.

The third one is to stand for your own rights by accepting neither of the two evils. Assad or the scarecrow alternative, imagined or real, is worth fighting against.

Many Syrians understand the unenviable position the Christians of Syria find themselves in under the Assad regime. But in truth, keeping silent about either of the two evils Syria faces today whether it is Assad or the Islamists is not the answer. The answer lies in standing up, speaking of freedom, and fighting for the State we all wish to build together. The action of silence is viewed by the less sophisticated as supporting the regime, which we all know is an exercise in futility given the future of humanity lies in more freedom and less oppression.

Freedom House reports that in 1950, only 27% of the countries qualified to be called Democratic but today the percentage jumped to 63% even though more independent nations have formed since. This trend will continue upward with the advantages provided by an inter-connected world.

The Christians of Syria will fare well in a Democratic state just as the Christians of Lebanon have prospered even though they have become a minority in an environment controlled by Islamic extremists like Hezbollah. That is not to say this is acceptable but rather to say if the Christians of Syria stand for their rights — instead of keeping silent — the way the Christians of Lebanon did, you will determine your own destiny free from oppression and intolerance. Many liberal and open-minded Muslims will stand by you and the full rights of all the minorities, including the Alawites.

Create your own political machinery in exile today to express, alongside organizations like RPS, your choices and to protect from a Muslim Brotherhood take-over in Syria. Speak with one voice and you will be empowered to decide your own destiny instead of relying on others to decide it for you. Your destiny is ours and our destiny is yours. During these historic times in Syria, betting on the Assad horse should not even be an option. 

RPS believes that a Federal State, tailored to provide decentralized government powers and Province-wide control of governance matters like religion, culture, and education will provide the tools to many Syrians to live in an environment that caters to their own needs and to that of their heritage. No Syrian should be obligated to accept any form of religious imposition.

If you think this is a dream, it shall remain one; or you can join us and work for its reality.  


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