Straight Out of the Kremlin’s Secret Cookbook

Straight Out of the Kremlin’s Secret Cookbook

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Here is a CNN story straight out of the Kremlin’s secret cookbook. Undaunted by the downing of the Russian civilian flight in Egypt, a Russian travel agency is offering Russian citizens the dream of a lifetime: Trip to Syria as a vacation destination.

Here is how CNN described the valiant effort of the Megapolis travel agency:

Starting next year, it’s reportedly hoping to sell [Megapolic] what it has dubbed Assad Tours: four- to five-day trips to the Syrian front line. Named for Syrian President [psychopath] Baschar al-Assad, a longtime Russian ally, the expeditions would cost $1,500. That covers flights, accommodation, food and the guide’s services — but not insurance.

This is not the first time travel agencies fronted for spying agencies.

One might consider there are three reasons for this Rambo trip probably concocted straight out of the Kremlin’s secret cookbook.

  1. Make believe Russians Putin is winning the war in Syria. Even at the costs of their own lives.
  2. Make believe Syrians Putin is winning the war for them. Even at the cost of Syrian lives (Russian civilian kill rate is on par with the worst in the 21 century)
  3. Make Obama and Kerry believe Putin is not abandoning the psychopath Baschar al-Assad. Not now, not next year, not ever.

There is a fourth option we believe might be as logical too considering the Sunni ethnic cleansing that has been a hallmark of both the Assad and the Khamenei regimes. Why not entice Russians to replace all the Sunnis who abandoned their homes and lands? After all, even if Assad wins, how could he survive in a state half the size of an already defunct state without the people to steam its economic engine.

What might start as a vacation to hell, might end up becoming a lifetime opportunity to own a free home and a free land to start a new life in Syria. Let the Russian peasants plow and plant to replace the millions of Syrian peasants now refugees in Arab countries. All Orthodox Christians providing the Church with seeds for growth and a new power in the region.

If Assad opens his borders and provides the free opportunity, Russians will come. Look at America’s open borders to the south to realize how conceivable this plan is.

Still sounds far fetched? Not if you consider Russia and Iran cannot possibly pay to rebuild a destroyed country. Let the new Russian pioneers do it for them.

A Russian Megapolis in Syria facilitated by a Russian Megapolis travel agency. Definitely a Kremlin recipe.

Straight Out of the Kremlin’s Secret Cookbook


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