The Sane Muslim Pledge for 2015

The Sane Muslim Pledge for 2015

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Here is what every sane American Muslim should pledge to practice in 2015 as a small contribution towards Reformation of Islam.

The sane Muslim pledge for 2015

  • If anyone tries to convince me Islam is peaceful, I am going to ship him, with his family, for a one-month tour in Raqqa, Syria to commingle with my peaceful religion. As Muslims, we have become indirect apologists for Islamist terrorists when we refuse to admit what is wrong with Islam.
  • If I hear anyone in the Obama administration say the words “workplace violence” ever again, I am going to ask a US Congressman to introduce a Bill to be named “The Wonderful World of Obama’s Workplace Violence Act of 2015”.to make it illegal NOT to use the words “Islamist terrorists” when acts of Muslim violence are perpetrated against the innocent.
  • If John Kerry mentions the word “peace” in any context, I am boycotting Heinz Ketchup.
  • If any politician does not use the words “Islamist terrorists” going forward when he/she refers to terror by Muslims, I will not vote for him/her next time around.
  • If any news media outlet chides away from using the words “Islamist terrorists” when referring to violence by Muslims, I will stop reading them or watching their programming.

Every Muslim is a terrorist if he/she does not take a stand against the barbarism and the savagery we all saw in France today. Our religion has been kidnapped, and we want it back.

Je Suis Charlie.

The Sane Muslim Pledge for 2015


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