Putin Is Killing Syria Civilians to Control Europe

Putin Is Killing Syria Civilians to Control Europe

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Putin is killing Syria civilians to control Europe through far right political parties who are fast becoming more popular partially because of anti-immigration and partially because they are mostly anti-American and anti-NATO.

The Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies published a research paper in 2015 it named “An Unholy Alliance” to explain the relationships the far right European political parties have with Russia’s Putin. It defines that relationship with this brief paragraph:

The paper examines the connections between Russia and far-right political parties in Europe. It argues that these close relationships are based both on ideology and strategy. The European far right sees in Russian President Vladimir Putin the model of a strong, conservative leader who defends traditional values and opposes the decadent West. Since most far-right parties are at the same time against European integration and anti-American, they also see a close relationship with Russia as a necessary foothold in order to achieve the gradual disassociation of their countries from Euro-Atlantic institutions. The Kremlin, for its part, views these parties as possibly being useful for the achievement of its own objectives.

The paper goes on to provide one example of an EU far right political party in bed with Putin. The party should scare the heck out of all those who are cheering Putin’s activities in Syria today, especially the Israelis. The paper describes it this way:

Another fierce opponent of Euro-Atlantic institutions that has strong pro-Russian leanings is Golden Dawn. The almost openly neo-Nazi party has gained remarkable public support since 2012. It has always had close connections with Russian extreme-right parties and groups, and in recent years it is thought to have received under-the-table funding from Moscow.

Welcome to a new dawn on the continent where Putin is killing Syria civilians to control Europe. As Putin kills more Syrian civilians to drive Syrian refugees towards Europe, he is in fact changing the face of Europe forever. Instead of left to right centrists political parties, Europe will be controlled by neo-Nazi, anti-American, and certainly anti-Israel political organizations, and indirectly by Vladimir Putin. What the Soviet Union was unable to accomplish under the Roosevelt and later the Truman and the Eisenhower leadership, Russia is able to accomplish under Barack Obama while our first black president naps under a tree. 

Do step back and look at the big picture here.

We have an aggressive criminal armed with nuclear weapons who is slowly invading Europe by changing its demographics at the expense of western interests. Interests that neither Barack Obama nor John Kerry seem to understand as they either help Russia get closer to its goal (the worthless cessation of hostilities agreement) or ignore its criminality and long-term danger to American interests.

In the meanwhile, those Americans cheering Putin’s actions in Syria are either too thick to understand his anti-Americanism (Are you reading this Donald Trump?), or find the pleasure of Muslims being exterminated at the hands of the Assad regime too pleasurable not to cheer Putin on.

What happens when far right political parties ascend to power in Europe? We will let our American readers explore this question on their own. We predict it won’t be pretty and maybe this is why Senator John McCain slammed Putin at the Munich Security Conference when everyone was tiptoeing around like rabbits in a den of foxes.

Be careful what you wish for in a strong Putin using Syria as a platform to save terrorist Assad and terrorist Iran and then to turn Europe into his personal circus act.

Putin Is Killing Syria Civilians to Control Europe


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