On Assad’s Visit to Spain: Peeing in the Wind

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[singlepic id=104 w=320 h=240 float=left] Ever so often, the writings of Syrian dissidents and leaders of civic societies express universally how many Syrians feel about our state of affairs globally. Such is a Blog I read by Ammar Abdulhammid at Amarji. Hope you all like it.

Global media fail to accurately report on Bashar al-Assad’s anti-peace statements that he made in Madrid, where he said:

1)    “Signing peace agreement does not mean actual peace, but more like a permanent ceasefire.”

2)    “Should there be peace with Israel, an Israeli Embassy will open in Damascus, but it will be besieged and no one will dare enter.”

3)    “Should there be peace with Israel, no tourists will come nor businessmen.”

4)    “There will be no popular sympathy for any peace achieved with Israel.”

Reading through Assad’s statements we can only conclude that a peace deal with Israel will not alter the status quo, so why should Israel return the Golan Heights?

Conclusion: Bashar Al-Assad of Syria is either the most stupid peace negotiator in history, or aman who is not interested in peace in any way, or both.

So, Mr. Obama, Mrs. Clinton, are you happy with the fruits of your engagement?


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