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Airports are the best places to observe people. Free time and boredom play a role in authenticating the observations. At a major US airport, I observed something that leads me to believe the Islamists are winning.

A Muslim man and his wife (Wearing a full black Burka) walked across a busy gate with many people waiting in the hallways (I was waiting at the same gate). The majority of the people never looked into the eyes of the Muslim man or at the full black outfit his wife was wearing. However, the moment they showed their back, almost all of them lifted their heads and started staring at the couple as they walked away from the gate.

The same group of people acted totally differently when four young Hasidic Jews walked by. They started staring at their faces and dress code as well as into their backs as they walked away.

As a society, we have become afraid of Islamists, which explains why most of the Americans waiting to board their planes avoided any eye contact with a man who seems comfortable enough walking in an American airport while showing how oppressive he is towards his wife to the point of slavery. But with the peaceful Jews, we seem to have a more confrontational attitude. The group never batted an eye starring at the four young Hasidic Jews.

This does not bode well for a society expected to save itself from a war that will be long and arduous.


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